11 Helpful Antique Car Storage Tips

antique car in garage

It’s winter season and it’s time to put your antique car away. It might seem easy to just park your car in the garage or drive it into a storage unit but, if you don’t prep properly it can have detrimental impact on the integrity of the car and motor. Antique cars can be very valuable and it’s important that they are taken care of properly. Make sure you aren’t unintentionally damaging your car with these eleven must-know tips for classic car storage.

1. Detail the Vehicle

It Is very important to store the car cleaned and waxed. Any kind of dust or debris left on the vehicle in storage can cause scratches or damage to the exterior paint. Make sure to wipe down the mirrors and chrome detailing with a good glass cleaner to give the surface a shiny finish.

cleaning antique car

2. Lubricate Everything

Before storing your classic vehicle, you must check to see all wheel bearings are up to snuff and hit all the grease fittings you can find on the steering components and suspension. Make sure to lubricate all door and hood hinges to keep them from jamming up.

3. Fill the Tank

Fill the tank up preferably with premium fuel and then add a fuel stabilizer (usually 1 oz. to every 2.5 gallons of gasoline) following the manufacturer’s instruction. Run the vehicle for couple minutes to allow the fuel stabilizer to move into the carburetor, fuel rails, injectors, etc. Remember, the fuller the tank, the less room there will be for air, which carries moisture that can lead to fuel contamination and possibly rust within the tank.

filling gas on antique car

4. Change the Oil

Change the oil and filter right before putting the vehicle away. Used engine oils contain combustion byproducts, dirt, grease and acids. These harmful agents can cause deterioration to the engine when your car sits in long term storage. If you change the oil yourself, make sure to use the proper motor oil that is specially formulated for your antique car. Lastly, prevent rust damage to the inside of the spark plugs by adding about a teaspoon of engine oil to each cylinder. Be sure to drive the car around for few miles after you have finished in order to allow the oil to fully circulate throughout the entire engine of the car.

antique car oil change

5. Fill Tires with Air

Maintain the tires by slightly over inflating them. This will help prevent flat spots from forming. Make sure to stay away from products that increase shine, as these products can dry out the rubber and can cause dry rot. Lastly, inspect the tires for any possible leaks and If necessary, have them repaired or replaced.

filling tires with air

6. Remove the Battery

If you plan on storing your antique car for long term, remove the car battery entirely. If the battery terminal is corroded make sure to carefully clean it with baking soda and water, then rinse with distilled water. To start, unhook the battery by removing the negative cable first and store the battery off the ground (preferably on a wooden block) in a climate-controlled environment above freezing. Attach a trickle charger to maintain your vehicle’s battery life.

If you will be starting the car every now and then, you might want to consider getting a battery tender. A battery tender will keep your battery functioning over long periods of time. This method will prevent you from having to pull the battery in and out of the car if you decide to start it few times during this winter season. This option will only work if you have a power source in your storage area.

taking out battery

7. Check the Coolant

It is recommended that you drain and refill the coolant. Make sure to see that the radiator is filled with the correct mix of coolant and water. It is possible that you could end up with ice in your cooling system. Check the coolant label for instructions on the proper mixture and the temperature range you may encounter and exceed it.

filling coolant in antique car

Photo Credit: www.whocanfixmycar.com

8. Place the Vehicle on a Jack

If you don’t plan on driving the car for a while, jack the car up and place it on jack stands. This process relieves the weight from the tires and the suspension. The added support will also prevent the tires from flat spotting.

car on a jack stand

9. Protect from Insects and Vermin

To keep insects and vermin out of the car, use absorbent, white cotton cloth to seal off all engine openings and the exhaust pipe. This will protect your antique car from moisture, insects and rodents from getting inside the engine of the car and causing damage. Be sure to remove the cotton when taking the vehicle out of the storage.

10. Close All Windows

This step is simple, role up all windows to keep the rodents and pests from getting inside and damaging the interior.

rolling window up

11. Choose the Right Storage

Choosing the right antique car storage space is where GoldStar can help you. With a variety of options such as the garage shed, lofted garage or the double wide garage (if you have two classics you would like store) we can help provide a safe place for your antique car. Check out our collection and request a quote when you see something you like.

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If your car is a convertible make sure to store it with the top up. Leaving the top rolled down will cause shrinkage in the material and also large creases to form. Protect the convertible top using silicone spray or something similar and place desiccant sacs on the interior floor board to reduce moisture caused by humidity, which also can damage the convertible top.

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