What Are Prefab Garages? 5 Types to Compare

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Are you wondering what exactly prefab garages are? Prefab garages have become increasingly popular as manufacturers continue to grow and produce top-quality buildings. Prefab garages are delivered to your property fully assembled and ready to use. Because there is no on-site building, these garages are a more budget-friendly option for storing vehicles. Prefab garages come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. 

Prefab garages are also referred to as “modular garages” and “portable garages.” These essentially mean the same thing as prefab garages, with a few distinctions. 

Modular garages are often larger and will arrive on-site in the form of several prebuilt “modules.” These modules can be a first and second-story, two halves of a doublewide garage, or multiple sections of an even larger garage. These sections need to be assembled on-site before they are ready for use.

Portable garages, on the other hand, are usually fully assembled at delivery time. After setting them up where you want them, they are ready to use! If necessary, they can later be loaded up and moved to a new location.

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Prefab garages, both modular and portable, are usually placed on a prepared foundation of some kind, such as compact gravel or a concrete slab. There are other foundation options, but concrete and gravel are two of the most common.

Gravel Pad Foundation

Gravel makes a stable foundation if it’s done correctly. This foundation option will save you money and time. Your gravel should be at least 4 inches deep or more depending on the size of your prefab garage. Make sure you level and temp your gravel well before you place your garage. If you choose to install your gravel foundation yourself, make sure you take the time to research and know what you’re doing before you start. 

Concrete Slab foundation

Concrete slabs will be more expensive than gravel pads, but the stability they offer is essential for larger prefab garages. Because of the weight that your garage will hold, it’s essential that you choose a foundation option that will support it. 

What is a Prefab Garage?

A prefab garage is a garage that has been completely or partially manufactured off-site before being transported to its final location. Depending on its size, the garage is built and transported in sections, which enables its quick and easy setup on-site. In short, prefab garages are prebuilt and portable structures that make for time-efficient and simple on-site delivery.

What are the Benefits of a Prefab Garage?

In recent years, prefab garages have become one of the most popular garage choices for thousands of people all over America. Modular garages are a win-win for many whose houses did not come with a garage or added storage space. Prefab garages offer a variety of benefits like:


Prefab garages save you a lot of money, especially if you choose a prefab garage kit. Modular garages require less money than what is required for building a traditional garage on-site.


These prefab garages are available in many different styles and materials. You have the option to keep your garage’s aesthetics as simple or elaborate as you wish. (take note: the more you opt for increased customization, the more it will increase your final cost.)

Time Efficiency

Instead of waiting months for your garage to be built, your prefab garage can arrive at your house within a few weeks.

Environmentally Friendly

Prefab garages are a greener option because less waste is involved in manufacturing these structures since leftover materials from one garage can be used for the next.

Now that the air has been cleared around what a prefab garage is let’s explore some of the prefab garage options available to you. Remember, durability and quality are key ingredients essential to ensuring you own the best prefab garage.

Types of Prefab Garages

Fully Constructed Single Car Garage

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This prefab garage is a prebuilt classic. A single-car prefab garage is created to hold any regular-sized vehicle or truck. It is designed with a heavy-duty floor. The strong heavy-duty floor provides years of consistent performance while reducing your total garage costs by avoiding an expensive foundation. The skids, joists, and siding (if you choose wood) are pressure-treated to resist moisture and rot damage. If you are hoping to have a little more space for storage, then consider a prefab, lofted, single-car garage.

Double-wide Garage Delivered in Two Pieces

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Prefab garages have options! If a single isn’t big enough or if you have more than one vehicle, a double-wide garage is the right choice. Since this prefabricated garage’s style is large enough to accommodate multiple vehicles, it is built in two pieces, which are then joined on-site. Besides vehicle storage, this prefab garage’s design is perfect for use as a workshop or organized storage space. Double-wide garages also come with a heavy-duty floor and pressure-treated skids and joists.

Metal Prefab Garage Kit

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This prefab garage option is a DIY, which means all the parts are delivered to you, and then you construct the garage yourself. Since it’s technically self-assembled, this design pushes the limits of “prefab” just a little. (Although metal prefab garages can be ordered fully pre-built as well). Metal prefab garages are easy to set up if you choose the DIY route. Any skill level can conquer the task, but you will have to factor in the added time required to set up one of these garages. These garages are one of the cheapest prefab options and are liked because of their resistance to fire and pests. Depending on your tastes, metal prefab garages may not be your preferred aesthetic, but they do provide a solid and practical space for your vehicle and storage needs.

Wooden Pole Barn Garage Kit

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Photo Credit: Extreme Pole Buildings

Initially, you don’t associate barns with garages, but don’t let the name deter you. Pole barns and garages can fall under the same structural family. These prefab garages are also DIY (meaning they also push the limits of “prefab”). Pole barn garages resemble sheds in appearance, and their structure is supported by wooden poles that will need to go down into the foundation. The most popular siding for these garages is metal, but there are other siding options available. The flooring choice is often concrete.

Three-Car Prefab Garage

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Photo Credit: Sheds Unlimited

If two isn’t enough, try three! Modular garages come in many sizes. A three-car prefab garage offers you space for your vehicle, tractor, motorcycle, and more! Like the double-wide garage, a three-car prefab garage would be delivered in three pieces and joined on-site. They also come with a heavy-duty floor strong enough to hold up your vehicles, lawnmowers, or motorcycles. Prefab garages are built in a wide range of sizes (there are even four-car garages on the prefab market). There is no need to feel constricted in investing in a prefab garage.

Two Requirements for Your Prefab Garage

When on the quest to invest in a new outdoor storage building, such as a prefab garage, there are two requirements that need to be met in order to tie the knot.

  • Durability: First, you’ll be looking for durability. Is your garage going to be strong enough to keep your vehicles and other belongings safe?
  • Quality: Second, you want your prefab garage to be quality-built. Will my modular garage stand the test of time? Will my hard-earned dollars see the fruit of their investment?

At Gold Star Buildings we prioritize both durability and quality in the manufacturing of our prefab garages. We believe that durability and quality go hand in hand to ensure your prefab garage will bring you joy and freedom from worry or stress.

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Q. So, what is a prefab garage?

A. A prefab garage is the most cost-effective garage on the market that also offers durability and long-lasting secure storage for your vehicles! Prefab garages come partially or fully built, so they take less time to set up on your property.

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Partner with Gold Star Buildings

Here at Gold Star Buildings, we guarantee that your prefab garage is always built with top-notch quality and lasting durability. We build fully constructed single-car garages and double-wide garages and deliver them throughout Western PA and Eastern Ohio. So, if you are looking for a prefab garage from Pittsburg to Erie or in any other western Pennsylvania city, Gold Star Buildings is dedicated to partnering with you to ensure you decide on the perfect prefab garage. At Gold Star, we believe that everyone should have a safe, durable space for their valuables and live free from worry in order to focus on the relationships and activities that bring them joy! Contact us if you have any questions

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