Sheds for Business

sheds for busines

If you’re a business owner you understand the importance of having enough space available to operate efficiently. A storage shed for business can be a good way to quickly expand your space on your existing property. Our sheds for business can be used for a wide range of purposes including business storage, manufacturing, roadside retail sales, or office space.

We don’t build cheap sheds so you don’t need to worry that your business investment will fall apart within a few years. Our quality wood-framed sheds are built using pressure-treated materials that withstand rot and decay. And our residential grade roofing should protect your building for at least 25 years with little maintenance. Our goal is to build quality sheds for businesses while making them available at competitive prices.

Standard Building Features for Sheds for Business Use

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Pressure-treated Lumber

We build all of our sheds for business’ with quality pressure-treated lumber to create a long-lasting building and peace of mind for your investment.

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Thick Plywood Siding

Every building is constructed with thick plywood siding that is ⅝” thick and 66% thicker than most competing siding products on the market today.

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Water Sealed

Our buildings include exterior siding and trim sealed from water for convenience and peace of mind.

5 Benefits of Purchasing Sheds for Business Use

  1. Owning your shed for business creates more storage space for your growing business; keep inventory and other equipment in your new shed.
  2. With the addition of a new storage building for your business, you can increase your revenue by avoiding rental storage fees.
  3. Purchasing a shed for business can also benefit your income when it comes time to write off your yearly business expenses.
  4. You can place the shed beside the road for increased visibility and traffic; since the shed is portable, you can move to where the most traffic is!
  5. Not only can you use the shed for your business, but you can also create yourself a portable living space right on your job site.

3 Unique Sheds for Business Styles

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Sheds for business use

The barn shed is a standard shed with a “mini ban” roof style. This shed is our most affordable shed option, with it being the lowest cost-per-square-foot. Even though it is our most inexpensive shed, it still provides the same qualities as our other sheds in durability because it is made with the same excellent materials our other sheds are made with.

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Cabins for Business use

The lofted barn is another spectacular shed style that would make for a great man cave. This shed provides a loft space overhead for additional storage. Create your man cave experience with a lofted barn shed today.

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Garage for Business use

The lofted garden shed has similar specs and looks to the lofted barn shed; however, you may notice the difference in the sidewall of the lofted garden having doors and windows. This creates a more convenient experience for someone expecting to use their shed as a man cave, or she-shed. This shed also includes an overhead loft space so that you can store more items.

Get Started on Your New Shed for Business Use Today

Are you ready to get the shed for your business? If so, our team at Gold Star Buildings is prepared to help you out. Give us a call at (724) 253-2771 to speak to a representative about your custom building and any questions you may have. Ready to get started? Request a free quote today and take the first step into owning your shed for business. Rent-to-own options are available for those looking for monthly installments!

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