Learn About Rent-to-Own Sheds In Pennsylvania

What Are Rent-To-Own Sheds?

Rent To Own (RTO) was created as an alternative to self-storage rental units. A rent-to-own sheds plan allows you to rent a shed or garage when and where you need it while investing toward ownership of the building. Once your monthly rent-to-own payments are completed, you’ll fully own the portable building. Plus, the monthly payments for rent-to-own sheds are equal to or less than self-storage rates for comparable units!

Rent-to-own payment plans give you a huge amount of flexibility. You are not required to fill out a credit application to qualify for rent-to-own. Throughout the duration of your lease, you have the option to fully pay off your rent-to-own shed at any time. If you no longer need or want your portable building at any point during the rent-to-own term, you can simply call us to come to pick it up!

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Rent To Own Sheds in PA Is as Easy As 1.2.3.

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Choose your structure

Choosing the right building is easy with Gold Star Buildings. Take a look at our available inventory. Don’t see what you like there? Try designing yours using our 3D builder.

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Sign the rental agreement

Once you determine what building is right for you, we will develop a rental agreement. Once the agreement is signed, we will begin construction or schedule you for shed delivery.

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Get your new building

Once your building is complete, we will deliver your building to your desired location. Fro here you can finally begin to use the building as you intended. Just be sure to share a picture with us of it in use!

Our rent-to-own plan is available on

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Your outdoor storage buildings is available with our convenient Rent-To-Own plan.

Barn & Sheds

rent to own cabins in pa and oh

Your future portable cabin is available with our convenient Rent-To-Own Cabins plan.


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Your portable garage is easy to add to your property with convenient our Rent-To-Own Garages plan.


Benefits of A Rent-To-Own Shed Payment Plan

We know that Rent-To-Own sheds sound a little odd when you aren’t familiar with the product. However, there are a lot of benefits to doing a rent-to-own purchase. Take a look at some of the perks below. 

No Credit Check

Our rent-to-own-shed program does not require a credit check. So, no matter if you have good credit or a couple of bumps from the past, we are happy to serve you!

Easy Early Payoff

Unlike other companies, our rent-to-own program offers penalty-free early payoff. We love that this saves you money and you get one of our beautiful buildings!

Cost Effective

When you compare the cost of a storage unit to a portable shed, you save money! You will also save money by not needing to drive to a storage unit.

Scheduled Delivery

When your shed is ready, we will deliver the shed directly to you. Even better, we can place your building almost anywhere you wish. This is just one of the many perks of rent-to-own buildings!

Building Ownership

When you use RTO, you will own your building after the agreed rental term. This way, your money is invested into your shed instead of the storage unit company’s pocket.

Fast Building Return

Another great part of RTO sheds is that you can return your building whenever you wish. We will be happy to come and collect your shed, and you can simply stop making payments.

How Do I Qualify For a Rent-to-Own Shed In PA?

Before the delivery of your portable building, you will receive a rent agreement. You will need to sign the agreement. To get the process started, you will need to sign a rental agreement, pay one month’s rent, and pay any applicable sales tax and/ or delivery fees (we offer the first 25 miles of delivery for free). 

In addition to the above information, if you choose to have a 14’ wide or a 60-month rent-to-own contract an additional security deposit is required.

A full list of rent-to-own requirements is contained in the rental agreement. You can see a sample rental agreement here

Can My Rent-To-Own Garage Or Shed Be Repossed?


If the terms of the rental agreement are not kept, the portable building may be repossessed. We do our best to help our customers find alternatives to repossession whenever possible!

A full list of rent-to-own requirements is contained in the rental agreement. You can see a sample rental agreement here.

Rent-to-Own Shed Prices

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Get this 10×12 Lofted Barn for as little as $171.93 per month* 
(4 yr. rent-to-own).

10×12 Lofted Barn

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Get this 12×24 Garage for as little as $344.10 per month* (4 yr. rent-to-own).

12×24 Garage

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Get this 14×32 Cabin for as little as $456.42 per month* (5 yr. rent-to-own).


*Prices do not include tax and are subject to change without notice. We also offer 24,36,48, and 60-month rent-to-own plans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rent-To-Own

Do you need to check my credit score for rent-to-own sheds in PA?

No. Since a rent-to-own payment plan is a lease agreement and not a loan, we do not need to check your credit score. On the other hand, your purchase will not affect your credit score positively or negatively. You can learn more about rent-to-own vs financing here.

How Much Interest Is Paid On A Rent-To-Own Shed In PA?

No interest is charged since a rent-to-own payment plan is a lease agreement and not a loan. However, there is a cost for leasing services incorporated into the monthly rental fee. The exact cost for leasing services varies based on the length of the rental agreement. You can learn more about the relative cost of a rent-to-own shed here.

How Much Money Do I Need Up-Front To Buy A Rent-To-Own Shed In PA?

To have your rent-to-own shed delivered you are required to pay the first month’s rent, sales tax, and any applicable delivery fees. (We provide 25 miles of free delivery with every building; delivery fees may include the costs for a pilot car if your building is categorized as an oversized load.) We also require an additional security deposit on a building over 14’ wide and on 60-month rent-to-own agreements.

Can I Get A Custom Shed Or Building With Rent-To-Own?

In general, yes. It may depend on the specific custom building you are interested in. Some larger custom buildings may require an additional down payment or may not be eligible for rent-to-own.

Is There A Penalty If I Pay My Remaining Rent-To-Own Shed Balance Early?

There is no penalty to pay off the remaining balance on your rent-to-own building early. After the first month’s rental payment you have the option to pay the remaining balance off at any time. This article gives more details about paying rent-to-own sheds off early.

Can I Pay Extra On My Monthly Rent-To-Own Shed Payment?

Yes, you can. If you decide to pay extra on your payment, the excess will go to a credit account to be used towards the final payout and will lessen the total amount paid for your building.

You can find more frequently asked questions in our guide about how rent-to-own sheds work.

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