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High Quality Sheds for Sale in PA

If you pay attention to the details you’ll find that no two sheds are built the same. Builders use different materials and methods that affect the lifespan and overall performance of the shed.

If you find a storage building with a significantly lower price, you should pay attention to the specifications and features included in the building. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.'' Do you want a high quality shed that adds value to your property or a cheap building that needs to be repaired in a few years?

Here we present the features of our high quality sheds for sale.

High Quality Sheds PA Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure Treated Lumber

Exterior lumber is all pressure treated with a limited lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay.

High Quality Sheds in PA 2x6 Floor Joists

2x6 Floor Joists

2x6 pressure treated floor joists- optional (standard on 14' wide buildings)

High Quality Sheds in PA Plywood Flooring

Heavy Duty Flooring

5/8” pressure treated plywood flooring- standard

3/4” pressure treated plywood flooring- optional (standard on garages)

High Quality Sheds PA Skids

Notched 4x6 Skids

4x6 skids are pressure treated and notched for the floor joists which greatly increases strength and prevents twisting.

High Quality Sheds in PA Long Skids

Steel Plate Connectors

Skids are full length up to 24'. Longer skids are spliced with a steel plate on both sides.

High Quality Sheds in PA Wall Framing

Wall Framing

24” OC studs- 66% thicker siding easily spans 24” OC stud spacing with double studs under seams to provide extra support (equal amount of wood as 16” OC spacing).

High Quality Sheds in PA Plywood Siding

Thicker Plywood Siding

Premium grade real plywood siding. 5/8” thick siding is 66% thicker than most competing siding products.

High Quality Sheds in PA Water Sealed

Water Sealed

Exterior siding and trim is water sealed for your convenience.

High Quality Sheds in PA Nails

Galvanized Nails

Nails are ring shank for superior holding power and galvanized to prevent rust.

High Quality Sheds in PA Double Framing

Double Strength Framing

Framing is double strength at the siding seams and at the leading edge of lofts.

High Quality Sheds in PA Door Frame

2x4 Door Construction

Heavy duty door construction with 2x4 frame and metal connectors.

High Quality Sheds in PA Keyed Latch

Locking Door Latch

Includes a locking door latch for extra security.

High Quality Sheds in PA Door Guard

Steel O.H. Door Guard

Overhead doors in garages come with a steel tread plate that protects the floor and keeps water out.

High Quality Sheds PA Measure

True Building Sizes

All building sizes are measured from outside corners, not eave to eave as some competitors.

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