8×10 Storage Shed: Best for small spaces

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Do you currently have a small backyard?

No matter if your backyard is on the smaller side or if you simply prefer a smaller-sized shed, an 8×10 shed provides a great option.

One of the biggest considerations to mull over before purchasing any shed is whether its size will fulfill your needs.

In this blog, let’s dissect an 8×10 storage shed, its size, dimensions, and more!

Starting with this commonly asked question.

What is an 8×10 Storage Shed?

An 8×10 storage shed offers precisely 80 square feet of storage space and is great for homeowners on a budget. This shed is commonly built in the gable, barn, and saltbox styles. Due to its small size, storage shed 8×10 is a popular choice for smaller-sized backyards.

8x10 storage shed

What Can You Store in an 8×10 Storage Shed?

Here is a list of items you could potentially fit inside an 8×10 shed.

8x10 storage shed

What to store inside an 8×10 storage shed on its available floor space:

·        A small riding mower

·        A few rakes

·        A shovel

·        One or two bikes

·        A wheelbarrow set vertically

·        A couple of big bags of potting soil or mulch

What to store inside an 8×10 storage shed on its shelves & hooks?

8x10 storage shed interior

Ensuring shelving is installed really helps maximize all you can store within your 8×10 storage shed.

If you have,8×10- for example, 6 shelves installed on the walls of your 8×10 storage shed, you could easily store the following items.

·        Bag of charcoal

·        Oil for the vehicles

·        Pots

·        Power tools

·        Flashlights

·        Lawn care chemicals

·        Extension cords

·        Sprinkler

·        Bug sprays

·        Seeds

·        Miracle Grow fertilizer

Possibly, even more, depending upon the width of your shelves and the thoughtful organization behind its setup.

8x10 storage shed with hooks
Image: Source

For example, the following items can be stored using hooks set up along the available wall space in your storage shed 8×10.

·        Basic tools

·        Hose

·        Jumper cables

·        Trowel

·        Small handheld shovels and garden tools

·        Rakes

·        Shovels

·        Taller power tools, like a weed-eater, saw, etc.

·        Tiki lamps

·        Fishing rods

Basically, while an 8×10 storage shed is on the smaller side, it still provides a great amount of storage space. All, while fitting attractively into your backyard.

How Tall is an 8×10 Storage Shed?

8x10 storage shed 1

The height of your 8×10 shed depends upon its style.

For example, the lofted barn style provides the greatest amount of height. The height of its walls is 6’3” tall. Plus, there is usually about 4’ from the top of the wall to the roof.

Other styles, like the gable or garden, shed only offer half that amount of height.

Important note: Depending upon the shed builder, there can be the slight roof and wall height variations. For the exact height of an 8×10 storage shed, directly contact the shed builder, such as Gold Star Buildings for an exact height of the style of your desired 8×10 shed.

Is 8×10 Storage Shed Big Enough?

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Yes, an 8×10 storage shed is usually big enough for basic storage needs, such as lawn care equipment, gardening supplies and tools, and surplus household items. However, it could be different if need bigger storage space, and requirements.

Now is the time to figure out whether an 8×10 storage shed is indeed big enough for you! Let’s do that by covering each of the following sizing categories.

The following storage shed 8×10 is one that is sold from Gold Star Buildings.

Exterior Dimensions

The exterior dimensions of an 8×10 storage shed are 8 feet long by 10 feet wide. Or vice versa depending upon the style of shed.

For the best reference of how much space this takes up in your yard. Grab a tape measure and stake out the feet. This will help you visualize the exact amount of space.

Roof Pitch

As previously mentioned, the roof pitch of an 8×10 storage shed varies with the different available styles.

The Lofted Barn style provides the highest roof pitch, and the Mini Barn style offers the lowest roof pitch.

For exact roof pitch dimensions based upon your desired storage shed 8×10 style, contact us.  

Window Size

Windows are a special customization option (which means it can be added at extra cost) and the window size is 24×36.

Total Square Feet

The total square feet of an 8×10 storage shed is 80 square feet.

Interior Dimensions

The interior dimensions would also be 8 feet by 10 feet. Whether the width or the length is 8 feet, or 10 feet vary depending upon the style of the shed.

Is it Better to Buy or Build an 8×10 Storage Shed?

It depends. Whether it is more advantageous to build or buy depends upon whether you have the necessary construction skills and time.

Consider the following:

·        Carpentry skills – What level of skill would you consider yourself to have? Beginner, intermediate, advanced? Building quality and lasting sheds require skill and careful attention to detail. If you are a beginner the chances for headaches, hiccups with correct measurements and other first-timer mistakes should be expected.

·        Time – Is your schedule already full and overflowing? Or do you have a lot of downtimes during the weekday evenings and on the weekends? Keep in mind that time is money.

If you have both intermediate to advanced construction skills and your schedule feels reasonable, then building an 8×10 storage shed would be best.

Check out this timelapse of a DIY 8×10 storage shed built for inspiration.

If you are not comfortable with construction and you feel constantly pressed for time, then buying an 8×10 storage is a smart move and investment. Check these storage sheds and find shed that meets your needs.

Should I Put My 8×10 Storage Shed on Blocks or a Foundation?

It is highly recommended to set your 8×10 storage shed upon a gravel pad shed foundation. While blocks are cheaper than a gravel pad, they do not prevent moisture damage, prevent overgrowth of weeds, or ensure the strongest base for the center of the shed.  

Let’s briefly compare the two options:


8x10 block pad
Image; Source

·        Raises the shed roughly 6 inches (depends upon the type of block) above ground

·        Cheaper

·        Helps prevent rot from direct contact with the ground

·        Fails to provide the sturdiest base for every inch of your shed floor (especially the center of the shed’s floor tends to be the weakest)

·        Can settle overtime (the closer the shed is to the ground the easier for moisture from grass and weeds to cause a slow rot out)

·        Weeds and grass continue to grow underneath your shed and out the sides

·        Looks a bit chintzy

Gravel Pad

8x10 storage shed foundation
Image: Source

·        Provides a solid foundation for every inch of your shed’s floor with crushed gravel carefully poured into a lumber perimeter or prepared pad

·        Cheaper than a concrete foundation and more expensive than blocks

·        Gravel provides a reliable and effective drainage system that ensures your shed stays clear from rot or moisture damage

·        No fear of weeds growing underneath your shed

·        Attractive

In a nutshell, it is highly recommended to get a gravel pad over blocks as a gravel pad foundation ensures your 8×10 storage shed will have a stable base and effectively drain away all threating moisture.

At the end of the day, or if you please, 10 years down the road, you will never regret the investment in a gravel pad foundation.

Learn more about gravel pads by checking out this helpful blog, Gravel versus Concrete: Which Base is Best for You?

Where to Get an 8×10 Storage Shed?

8×10 storage sheds are commonly sold at large hardware stores like Lowes, online stores like Wayfair, or from family-owned local shed builders.

Your 3 routes to your 8×10 storage shed:

·        Large Hardware Stores – Lowes or Home Depot carry and sell sheds. It is important to note that special customization, like certain colors, extra windows, designs, etc. is harder to come by through this route. Especially since a lot of these sheds tend to be cookie cutter.

·        Online Stores – Wayfair, Amazon, etc. offer sheds for sale through direct purchase online. This route also does not provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to special features or customizations.

·        Local Shed Companies – Local shed companies, like Gold Star Buildings, are usually family-run and provide a more comfortable and personable shed-buying experience. Plus, most local shed companies offer special customization options and features.  

Conclusion of 8×10 Storage Sheds

Hopefully, the above information on 8×10 storage sheds helped determine whether this is the right size for you.

If you wish for any further information on 8×10 storage sheds and their sizes, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at Gold Star Buildings.

If you are ready to buy an 8×10 storage shed and live in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio, check out our family-run shed company, Gold Star Buildings. We love providing our valuable customers with quality, handcrafted sheds.

When you need more space (without taking up too much space), the 8×10 storage shed is your surefire solution!

Go for it!

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