Garage Gym Ideas-12 Bright Ideas to Create the Perfect Home Gym

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Are you beginning to grow tired of waiting on certain workout items in the gym to be available? Are you sick of the strange glances you get at the gym and the loud music that makes your ears bleed? Going to the gym is great for your health and for building muscle, but public gyms can grow exhausting pretty quickly. It’s no wonder that home gyms are growing increasingly popular.

Maybe you would like to invest in a home gym but don’t have room for it in your house. Have you considered turning a garage into a home gym? The cost of initially converting a garage into a gym will not compare to the years of gym membership you would be spending money on otherwise. Consider these garage gym ideas to help you create the perfect home gym to maximize the space in your garage and give you a wonderful and personalized workout space.

Maybe you want a garage gym, but first, you need garage space. GoldStar Buildings offers a large variety of garages, like lofted garages (for extra storage), portable garages, and even double-wide garages that can be used half as a garage and half as a converted gym.

Benefits of a Garage Gym

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Turning a garage into a gym may look like a lot of work, and we won’t lie to you; it isn’t going to happen overnight. But the benefits of turning your garage into a gym far outweigh the cons and the work. Let’s look at the main ones.

Convenience and Costs

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Though upfront costs may seem expensive, a home gym really is much cheaper in the long run. Consider the fact that you will not have to deal with any gym memberships anymore. Additionally, if you travel quite a distance to your gym every day or several times a week, you will be saving a significant amount of money on travel costs. Imagine simply walking out to the garage to get a good workout in for the day. No driving time or traffic!

Maybe you will spend some money on equipment for your garage gym, but if you invest in good, quality equipment, it will last you for years, and you will not need to bother with equipment for a long time again. Of course, it is important to handle it carefully and properly store your equipment. Though if you do break it, remember that it is yours, and you only have to answer to yourself. Simply another benefit of a home gym.

If you are interested in purchasing a modular garage to convert into a home gym, check out this article for details on building methods and price estimates you want to consider.


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Arguably, one of the best benefits of a home gym is privacy. We all value our privacy, and it can be embarrassing and disconcerting to work out in a public gym. For introverted people especially, it can be difficult to work up the courage to head inside the gym instead of hiding out in your car. Play whatever music you want, sing, dance, and grunt all you want in the privacy of your own garage gym without any judgmental looks from anyone (except maybe your dog).


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Do you have a favorite athlete that is your inspiration? What about a favorite motivational quote or song? If you have your very own garage gym, you can personalize it to your tastes. Hang a picture of your gym motivation on the wall, paint a quote on the wall, play your favorite music at max volume, and do all your favorite workouts as long as you want because, guess what? You can! Your gym, your rules. And if you have your own little gym, then you can personalize it to make it truly YOURS. If that doesn’t convince you that a home gym is a way to go, then nothing will.

Garage Gym Ideas

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Now that you know why you need a garage gym, let’s look at some garage gym ideas to help you transform your garage into your dream workout area.

Garage Gym Ideas: Mount your Equipment on the Wall

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Naturally, the gym space you have in your garage is going to be limited, so if you really are looking to maximize your space, it’s wise to consider using wall space as storage space. Using wall space will give you more floor room to work out and move around in your gym, leaving room for larger pieces of equipment.

Shelves on the Wall

Mounting shelves on the wall is a great place to store gym equipment like weights, yoga mats, and any other equipment that could clutter your floor space. Be sure your shelves are mounted securely to maintain a lot of weight.

Slat Walls

Slat walls, or slat wall panels, are panels that are mounted with horizontal slots for easy storage options. These grooves in the slat wall panels generally work well with a variety of hooks, mounts, and brackets to store items conveniently and safely. Slat walls are one of the best ways to maximize space in a home gym, making use of every bit of wall space available.

Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Another convenient way to utilize wall space is to consider mounting certain workout equipment, like a pull-up bar. Mount a pull-up bar on the wall and use the bar for extra storage space, like hanging resistance bands or jump ropes on it when you are not working out.

Garage Gym Ideas: Workout with friends

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Imagine having your gym buddies over for a good workout and jamming to your favorite music on the speaker. Everyone knows that everything is more fun when done with friends, and working out is no different. Why should gym time be only work and no play? With a home gym, you can invite a gym buddy over for weekly workouts and together push yourself to achieve your goals.

Garage Gym Ideas: Customize your gym

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Another one of the best garage gym ideas you can utilize is customizing your gym to your tastes and style. Add the coloring you like, as well as the features and equipment that you want to make your gym truly your own.

Hang inspirational posters

Since this space is all yours, encourage yourself to reach your personal goals by hanging up inspirational posters or painting your personal mantra on the wall.

Choose your own color scheme and Designs

If you like to do interior design and painting, then consider painting your walls your favorite colors, or make your walls your own personal canvas and let your creativity shine. Maybe think about getting a whiteboard wall and writing down your personal goals or weekly achievements to encourage yourself daily. Because this is your personal gym, there is no end to the ways you can personalize your gym and let your inner artist shine.

Garage Gym Ideas: Improve Ventilation with Fans

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One of the garage gym ideas that is important to consider is adding fans to your homemade gym. Though some garages are insulated, most are not, and this is something you will want to keep in mind. In the summer, there is potential for your garage gym to become quite warm. If you have several windows in your garage, that is a good start. But consider investing in a few strong fans that will help you stay cool in the hotter months.

Ventilation in your garage gym is important to help you stay cool. You could also install an AC window unit, but be aware that blowing cold air on yourself during a hard workout is not always a wise idea. There are benefits to getting a good sweat during a workout anyway.

During the winter, your garage gym may grow especially cold and may be hard to keep warm. There are ways to heat your garage during the winter so you can have a comfortable workout. Check out this article for more learn effective garage heating methods.

Garage Gym Ideas: Add a Small Fridge for drinks and Snacks

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There is no better motivation for a good workout than treating yourself to your favorite energy drink or snack. Store your favorite high-protein snacks and electrolyte drinks in a mini refrigerator in your garage gym, and grab a bite to eat or a quick swig of Gatorade whenever you need some sustenance. Who doesn’t love stocking a fridge? Stock up on your favorite treats and enjoy having your drinks cold and easily accessible. Nothing better than that!

Garage Gym Ideas: Repurpose gym equipment

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Are you not excited about spending large amounts of money on gym equipment? It’s no secret that quality gym equipment is expensive. Consider using repurposed equipment. Keep your eyes open for used gym equipment at yard sales or on the Facebook marketplace and similar places.

It is important to note that some items should be carefully inspected for quality. No one wants a faulty dumbbell or cheap pushup bars. Don’t put yourself at risk of injury due to poor-quality equipment. Keep an eye out for quality heavy-duty gym equipment at an affordable price, or watch for certain brands that you know manufacture quality gym equipment. You can, of course, purchase gym equipment for full price from trusted brands if you want to play it safe.

Garage Gym Ideas: Use DIY household items to work out

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One of the most creative and efficient garage gym ideas is to utilize household items in your workout. Maybe you are not a seasoned “gym bro” and have never set foot in a public gym. Have no fear. Even if you have never worked out before and don’t own any gym equipment whatsoever, there are plenty of effective exercises that you can do using things you probably already have on hand. Consider some of these for simple but effective exercises.

Water Jugs as Dumbbells

If you don’t have any dumbbells and don’t want to spend extra money on them, no problem! Water jugs, like plastic gallon jugs or water bottles, can be filled with water and used for bicep curls, shoulder presses, and similar exercises. You can even adjust the weight by adding more or less liquid as needed. Don’t spend money on extra equipment if you have what you need in your own house!

Chairs or Stools

Chairs or stools can be used effectively for exercises like step-ups or incline push-ups and can save you money on gym equipment. Move a sturdy chair from your house into the garage and get started exercising right away. No need to wait for gym equipment. Create your own at home!

Jump Ropes

Did you know that jump-roping strengthens your heart and lungs as well as your muscles and bones? It’s a simple form of cardio that can be done in one spot and only requires a jump rope that you probably already have on hand. This is a very effective exercise that can easily be done at home with very little extra work or supplies!

Garage Gym Ideas: Install Rubber Flooring for Safety

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Chances are that your garage probably came with a concrete floor, which of course, is not a very safe surface to work out on. It’s a good idea to add mats to the floor for extra protection and comfort. There are many types of mats available that are high quality, and you can purchase mats with interlocking tiles to properly fit your garage floor space.

Garage Gym Ideas: Use Leaf Blowers to Clean Your Gym

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If your garage has a large door that can be opened for some ventilation like most garages do, we have a great way for you to clean out your gym efficiently and quickly. If you own a leaf blower, simply take it through your little gym and blow out the dust that settles in your gym. This does not replace actually deep cleaning your equipment and floor, but it is a quick way to lift the dust and move the dirt that has accumulated in your gym over time.

Garage Gym Ideas: Get Bluetooth Speakers to Play Music

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Are you tired of the loud music that your gym pumps over the speakers? Well, create your own workout playlist and let it pump as loud as you want in your own home gym. No need for headphones or AirPods; there is no one to be bothered by your music! Get a good quality speaker like a Bose or another good brand, or buy several to place strategically in different corners of your garage gym.

Garage Gym Ideas: Use White Walls for Brighter Lighting

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If your garage gym feels quite small and dark, consider painting your walls white or something light-colored to brighten the space and open it up a little. There are different ways to help your little gym feel a little bigger and brighter than it actually is. You also might want to consider installing additional lighting if the lighting is poor in your gym.

Garage Gym Ideas: Use A Mirror Wall

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Another way to open the space in your garage gym is to install a large mirror on one of your walls. Mirrors always create the illusion of more space, and adding a mirror will help your gym feel larger and brighter. Also, who doesn’t like to flex in the mirror at the gym? And now you can flex in peace and gauge your progress in the privacy of your own gym.

Garages from Gold Star Buildings

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Are you looking for a home gym but don’t have the available garage space to create your own? GoldStar Buildings offers quality garages like double-wide garages, portable garages, and lofted garages that can be customized to suit your needs. If you are concerned about the up-front payment of your garage, no worries! We offer rent-to-own payment plans and financing options as well. Our garages come with a variety of standard features like the following:

  • Pressure-treated skids and joists to resist moisture and rot
  • Wood siding, metal siding, or LP Smartside
  • Shingles or metal roofing
  • Locked door latch on 36” wide entry doorway for security
  • A 24×36” window
  • and much more…
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Simply contact us or get a free quote, and get one step closer to having your dream garage gym.

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