Our Lofted Barn Cabin-Features and Benefits

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In the summertime, it is always exciting to think of the vacations you have planned. Maybe you are going camping or to the cabin for a weekend.

Have you considered what it would be like to have your own cabin? A place you could retreat to whenever you felt stressed or overwhelmed? Cabins may be a lot of work to build and design, but a prefab cabin is already designed for you! And a prefab lofted barn cabin would have the additional space you need for a loft or extra storage.

Maybe you are not familiar with this particular style of cabin or its features and particular benefits, so let’s dive in and see for ourselves why a lofted barn cabin could be the right choice for you this summer.

What is a Lofted Barn Cabin?

lofted barn cabin front view and loft window

If the term “Lofted Barn Cabin” sounds to you like a barn and cabin combination with a loft, then you would be right. A lofted barn cabin, or, simply put, a lofted cabin, is really exactly what it sounds like.

Though not all lofted barn cabins are the same, our particular cabins from Goldstar are prefab, meaning they are built ahead of time, saving you time and money, especially in the construction process. Lofted barn cabins are usually constructed from wood or metal and have a high roof with a “barn style” appearance. There is generally a loft in the cabin at one end, accessible by a ladder or staircase.

Distinctive Features of the Lofted Barn Cabin

lofted barn cabin close up front view

The Lofted Barn Cabin is distinctly different from a standard cabin in several aspects. Let’s take a look at what sets this style of cabin apart.

High Roof

lofted barn cabin high roof

Probably the most obvious difference between the standard prefab cabin and the lofted cabin is the high roof. This is due to the fact that the cabin has an inner lofted area that needs extra head space. A higher roof also creates a more spacious feel and improves the ventilation of the cabin, making it a little less claustrophobic. The high roof adds to the charming appearance of the cabin as well.


lofted barn cabin loft

The loft is the main feature of the lofted barn cabin. The loft inside the cabin is often used as storage space or, more commonly, as another bedroom area. It’s a cute little nook up in the corner of the cabin, perfect for a cozy little bedroom area. There is generally some type of ladder or a staircase in bigger lofted cabins for easy access.


lofted barn cabin porch

Though you can generally customize your lofted barn cabin how you like, most of them come with a cute little front porch. If you like to sit outside on summer mornings, this porch would be a perfect place to sit on a lawn chair with a cup of coffee and observe the nature around you.

Depending on the size of your cabin, hanging a porch swing could be a lovely additional touch. Other design ideas for your porch could include hanging plants, lights, or a small window with a window box for plants.

Want some ideas to decorate the interior of your cabin? Check out this article for some cabin interior ideas.

Benefits of the Lofted Barn Cabin

lofted barn cabin side angle

There are a few benefits of the lofted barn cabin that may be enough to convince you that this style is the best choice. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Extra Space

lofted barn cabin interior of cabin

The reason most people invest in the lofted barn cabin has to do with the fact that this cabin has additional storage space. Prefab cabins like this are already small, and additional space is often a necessity to maintain a clean appearance and order in the cabin. The upstairs loft area can be just the additional space you need.

Natural Lighting

lofted barn cabin interior windows

Because of the higher roof, and the windows you add to the cabin, natural lighting is usually pretty good. Of course, it is possible to add electricity to your cabin as you see fit, but it won’t be as necessary in a lofted barn cabin. The upstairs loft often has windows as well, bringing sunlight from the overhead sun directly into your cabin.

Prefab Construction

lofted barn cabin construction

Goldstar Buildings offers prefab cabins, in both the standard and lofted styles. Are there any particular benefits of a prefab cabin vs. a cabin constructed onsight? Well, let’s discuss this a bit.

Faster Construction

The biggest benefit of a prefab building is faster construction time. If you don’t want to wait a long time or be heavily involved in the construction process, then this type of cabin is for you. The cabin is manufactured off-site in a facility, and then transported to your location, wherever you specify.


Because the construction costs are lower, including costs for time and labor, a prefab cabin is often more affordable than a standard one. If you are concerned about your budget, but still want a small cabin for your property, consider a prefab lofted barn cabin.

More Durable

You might assume that a cabin that is built quickly and cost-effectively is cheaply built. It is not. Prefab cabins are built by experienced builders who construct many of these types of buildings. Because these cabins need to be transported and installed on your property, they need to be made durable and strong.

Want to learn more about prefab construction and the benefits of it? Check out this article.

Various Sizes to Choose From

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Want a larger cabin for extra space or a smaller cabin to save on costs? Gold Star Buildings offers cabins in various sizes and customizations. Whatever you need your lofted cabin for, we assure you that we have the size you need.

Customizable Options

lofted barn cabin window with shutters

Creating the cabin that is the perfect fit for you is important. Customizing a lofted barn cabin according to your tastes is what we specialize in. What are some ways you can customize a lofted barn cabin to make it truly yours?

There can be a lot involved in finishing your prefab cabin interior. For some tips and instructions to help you turn your lofted barn cabin interior into a cozy living space, check out this blog.

Loft Customization

First of all, the loft is an important feature of the lofted barn cabin, and having the option to customize it to your tastes should be a necessity. Add extra windows to improve lighting, and shutters for your windows, or create a workspace.

Siding options

Choose from the choice of wood, Smartside, or metal siding in a large variety of colors to match your tastes and preferences. Our metal siding comes with a 40-year warranty.

Roofing Options

For roofing, choose from shingles or metal and find just the color you want to match your siding. Our metal roofing also comes with a 40-year warranty.

Windows and Doors

The standard features for our cabins include 3 windows, but you can have more if you wish. There are also different options of doors available, like single wood doors, double wood doors, fiberglass doors, or wood loft doors.

Porch and Deck

Our lofted barn cabins come with a 4’x6’ porch, and extra windows can be added as you wish. Want a flower window box on your porch? We can do that for you too!

Lofted Barn Cabins from Goldstar Buildings

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Are you considering a lofted barn cabin? Gold Star Buildings is at your service. We are a shed builder in Hadley, PA, that delights in building quality structures, like sheds, cabins, and garages, for our customers in western PA and eastern OH. Simply get started by contacting us, submitting a free quote for the building of your choice, or trying out our shed 3D builder! We would love to get you the storage shed or lofted barn cabin of your dreams!

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