9 Reasons to Build a Shed House and How to Get Started

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What is a shed house? A shed house is a style of tiny home manufactured from a shed. A shed house isn’t just a fancy garden shed! A shed house is a fully functional home with a ton of benefits! Are you not sure why anyone would live in a shed house? Granted, a shed house isn’t for everyone. However, here are 9 reasons why you should consider living in a shed house!

A Shed House is Cheaper

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The cost of living is one of the biggest drivers behind the tiny home movement. Tiny homes cost between 10,000 to 100,000. It depends on how much you want to put into the project. Can you find a regular home for 50,000 dollars? That is hardly possible in today’s market! But by purchasing a tiny home or building a shed house, you will achieve financial freedom earlier in your life!

A Shed House is Easier to Build

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Shed house construction requires much less than regular house construction, which is perfect for the DIY type! You will not need to build a shed from scratch. All you will need to do is finish the inside of a shed. All the necessary skills to complete the shed house are common skills for the DIYer, like electrical, plumbing, and drywall. Finishing your shed house by yourself will save money versus hiring a contractor.

A Shed House Needs Fewer Permits

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Have you ever needed building permits? Was it a fun experience? Probably not! A shed house relieves most of the pains associated with permitting. Permit requirements vary according to the municipality, so check with your local zoning office. You will need to follow standard building codes, but the number of permits required will be less.

A Shed House is a Great Guest House

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Would you like to host guests at your home but need more privacy? A shed house is a perfect solution! An addition to your existing house isn’t always possible, and few people can afford a full-sized home as a guest house. Enter the shed house! A shed house will need a few permits, and you can tie the utilities into your existing home’s utilities. A shed house would be the perfect guest house solution for your property.

Shed Houses are a Movement

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The tiny house movement is a return to houses less than 1000 square feet. The median house size in the US was 2,261 in 2020. Do you want to declutter and simplify your life? A shed house might be for you! The tiny home movement focuses on eco-friendly and simplified living. Do you want to focus less on material things and live more eco-friendly? A shed house might be for you!

A Shed House Reduces Your Carbon Footprint.

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Fewer materials equal fewer emissions! A shed house uses less electricity and fewer materials to construct. The machines used to create the materials for these houses produce carbon dioxide emissions. Since a shed house uses less space, your heating and cooling emissions will be lower. Also, going off-grid is easy with a shed house!

A Shed House is Highly Customizable

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Few people can afford to purchase land and hire a contractor to build a custom home. With a shed house, you have that option! A custom shed builder will customize your shed to fit your living space needs. Add multiple windows, doors, a porch, and more options! Custom sheds are available in endless color schemes for you to blend into your environment.

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Some Shed Houses are Moveable

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Do you want a moveable house but don’t want an RV? Most sheds are portable! A shed house will allow you to move your home, but you will have more stability compared to an RV. All portable sheds are built at a shed dealer lot and transported to the customer’s property. If you ever want to move, hire a shed moving company, and you can have your old house at a new location!

A Shed House Has Many Uses

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A shed house is a great home studio or office. A shed with a finished interior has many uses! Maybe you need a studio to showcase your music or painting skills? Or perhaps you work from home? We made an office for Artman’s Insurance Agency! You can read more about their office and setup on our blog!

How to get started

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So you want a shed house. Do you know where to start? We got you covered! Finishing a shed house is an excellent project for any Home DIYer, but there are some steps you need to take. Check them out below.

Acquire Needed Permits

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First, acquire any needed permits for your shed house construction. You can reach out to your local zoning office or county government. They will provide you with the necessary permits and building codes for your shed house. Some municipalities don’t require permits, but you must check before construction.

Build a Foundation

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Once you have the applicable permits, it is time to build a foundation. Stability and water drainage are the key characteristics of a good foundation. The best option is a gravel foundation. An adequately built gravel foundation will drain water and be more sturdy than pavers or concrete blocks. Also, concrete blocks and pavers will become unlevel in the future, causing more problems. For a great tutorial on building a gravel foundation, watch this video!

Customize Shed Base and Frame

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If you don’t already have a shed, you can order a custom shed from a shed builder to convert into a shed house. Not all sheds are built with 2×4 lumber. We recommend upgrading your shed with 2×4 lumber and a pressure-treated base. Do you want to make your shed uniquely yours? Here is your opportunity! Customize your shed house color, roof, shutters, and more to create your dream home!

Connect Utilities to Your Shed House

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Once your foundation is installed, you will need the necessary utilities for your shed house. It is possible to run these utilities to your shed by yourself; however, we recommend hiring a contractor. Your local building codes will provide you with the necessary depths to bury your utility lines. Generally, your water line should be 12 inches below the maximum expected frost line, your electrical line at least 6 inches for metal conduct, and 18 inches for the non-metallic conduit. Always follow the electrical code when installing your line and electrical panels.

Rough In Electrical, Water, and HVAC

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When your utilities are connected, it is time to rough your electrical, plumbing, and heating system. What does “rough in” mean? Rough-in is the stage of a construction project when electrical wires and plumbing lines are installed in the building. This stage occurs after the framing is up but before the wall paneling is installed. Again, follow your local building code if you are doing it yourself. Alternatively, you can hire a contractor if you don’t want the bother.

Seal Any Cracks

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Do you like insects, snakes, or mice? Few people do! Sheds are notoriously not airtight. To keep pests at bay and water from destroying your house, you must seal your shed house properly. Typically the worst sealed area is where the roof meets the wall and is not closed. Seal this area, any seams, and corners with silicone caulk. However, you do need a way for fresh air to enter your shed house. A Mini Split is an easy way to let your shed house breathe.

Insulate Walls, Floor, and Ceiling

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Once your shed house is sealed, it is time to insulate. The two main options are spray-in or batt insulation. Batt insulation is the cheaper and easier to install insulation solution. The other option is closed cell spray insulation. Closed cell insulation is better as a vapor barrier. If you go with batt insulation or open cell insulation, you must install a vapor barrier first.

Install Wall Paneling, Trim, and Flooring

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Once your shed house is insulated, it is time to start installing your flooring, wall panels, and trim. Install your wall panels first since it causes a big mess, especially if you use drywall. Installing the drywall first will make cleanup easier. Once the wall panels are installed, install your flooring before the trim. Once your flooring is installed, it’s time to trim your windows and walls!

Furnish Your Shed House

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Now that your shed house has the walls and flooring installed, it’s time to wrap up your project! Now you can install your cabinets and lights, paint the walls, and bring in any furniture you purchases. Premade cabinets will be the easiest to install, but you can make your own! Add any appliances, and you are good to go!

Best Shed Styles for A Shed House

You now know how to finish a shed house! However, you will need a shed to start with. Not all sheds are created equal! Here are some shed-style ideas for your shed house design.

Lofted Cabin Shed

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Like our prefab cabin, the Lofted Cabin will give you a head start! This Cabin features an overhead loft for more storage space. The front porch adds to the look and gives you a great spot to enjoy the outdoor. The Lofted Cabin features heavy-duty flooring and pressure-treated skids, so your shed house will withstand the weather for years to come!

Cabin Shed

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Do you want a head start on your shed house project? We got what you need! The Cabin is for you if you are looking for an easy shed house! Our prefab cabin has a front porch, pressure-treated skids, heavy-duty flooring, and air vents.

Lofted Barn

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What is a lofted barn? A lofted barn is a prefab shed design with an overhead loft and a barn-style roof. The loft gives you more vertical space, which is essential for a shed house. A lofted barn will have more space. Do you want a lofted barn? Check them out on our website!

Lofted Garden Shed

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A lofted garden shed is simply a garden shed with an overhead loft! It has the same specs as our lofted barn but has the door on the sidewall. Like the lofted barn, our lofted garden shed has more vertical space than the standard shed.

Where to Buy a Shed House

So where do you buy a shed house? Start by researching local custom shed manufacturers. You can purchase them from a big box store; however, these kits are of poor quality and have few features. Look for a local shed builder that builds with pressure-treated lumber and other premium materials. A shed house is an investment, so you want it to last! If you are in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio, Goldstar Buildings is a great place to start! Check out our inventory or contact us to create a custom shed for your shed house today!

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