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If you’re a restorer of classic or antique cars, you understand the importance of having a safe place to park your cars at the end of the day. Our classic car storage sheds are built with the quality you’d expect for storing valuable antique cars. We build our wood sheds using pressure-treated wood for the exterior and industry-standard framing techniques to make sure your classic cars are protected from the elements.

We recommend our line of garages for antique car storage. If you only have a single car, a 12’ or 14’ wide garage should work well for you. If you have more than one car, we offer double-wide garages as large as 28’x40’. We also offer options that allow you to customize your antique car storage shed. Options include electrical packages, extra windows for more natural lighting, and many more.

Standard Building Features for Storage for Cars

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Wall Framing

We build our building storage for cars with 24” OC studs which are 66% thicker siding easily spans 24” OC stud spacing with double studs under seams to provide extra support.

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Steel O.H. Door Guard

Every garage with overhead doors comes with a steel tread plate that protects the floor when loading and unloading the garage and keeps the water out.

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True Building Sizes

We measure our buildings from corner to corner instead of eave to eave, giving you your money’s worth.

4 Benefits of Obtaining A Storage Space for Your Classic Cars

  1. With the addition of a storage space for your classic cars, you can protect your valuables from the weather.
  2. You get the option to work indoors on your vehicle and stay out of the hot sun or uncomfortable outdoor ground.
  3. You can simply add more garages as your classic car collection grows.
  4. With your vehicles stored under a garage, you can protect them from dust build-up and bird droppings.

3 Garage Styles

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The Standard Storage for Car Garage

In need of a basic one-car garage for your classic car? Our standard garage shed would be perfect for you. Protect your valuable car from mother nature while saving the most money on a garage with our standard garage style. Explore this garage shed today and see if it is what you need.

lofted garage prefab shed

the Lofted Storage for Car Garage

When a garage space is needed, along with some storage space, the lofted garage is a great option. This storage for cars space allows you to park your vehicle inside while also sparring some overhead lofted space for tools, materials, and more. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, be sure to contact us!

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The Double-Wide Storage for Car Garage

In need of storage for cars space that will fit at least two vehicles? If so, a double-wide garage is your solution. This large prefab garage allows you to safely and securely store two of your cars to protect them from the outdoors. Explore our double-wide garage and see if it is what you are looking for.

Get Started on Your Storage for Cars Space Today

Don’t risk potentially damaging your classic vehicle by leaving it outside where anything can happen. Protect your investment with a quality garage shed made by a trusted builder in PA. Have any questions regarding our portable garages in PA? Feel free to give us a call at (724) 253-2771 or shoot us an email at wayne@goldstarbuildings.com.

We look forward to creating a safe and secure space for your collectible.

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