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Sheds for the Office

office shed

Office sheds are a great way to expand your work or study space without adding on to your home. Our sheds can be finished off on the inside and turned into an office. You can add electricity and plumbing if desired and experience all the comforts of home in your office. You can upgrade to double pane windows and insulated doors for improved energy efficiency. Adding extra windows will help your office space to feel bright and cheery.

A shed turned into an office space is a cost effective way to add to your work space. If you compare the cost of adding on to your home compared to adding an office space in your backyard, you’ll notice that a portable office space can save you money. And if you ever decide to move you can move your office space with you (you’ll need to hire a shed moving company to make the move for you).

Standard Building Features for Sheds for Office Use

sheds for office use with pressure treated skids

Heavy Duty Flooring

All of our sheds made for office use comes standard with a ⅝” pressure treated plywood floor system with an option to upgrade to the ¾” pressure treated plywood which comes standard in our garages.

sheds for office use with wood siding

Wall Framing

Our wall frames are made with 24” OC studs which are 66% thicker siding that easily spans 24” to OC stud spacing with double studs under seams to provide extra support.

sheds for office use with heavy duty framing

Double Strength Framing

We construct framing with double strength at the siding seams and at the leading edge of lofts to provide your building with a longer life.

5 Benefits of Owning Sheds for Office Use

  1. By moving your office into a shed, you can save on high lease prices which do not benefit you in any way in the long term.
  2. You can improve your companies image with a neat, clean, and small office space.
  3. Moving your office to a shed can increase your manufacturing / retail space by offering a more open space.
  4. Sheds for office use can provide a distraction-free space so that you can focus on projects and running your business.
  5. These sheds for office use are also ideal because they are portable, which means the building can be moved from one location to the next.

2 Office Building Styles

sheds for office use with loft

Sheds for Office Use

If you are interested in a smaller office space, our sheds for office use may be for you. We have a selection of six unique styles to choose from, including our barn roof style, the traditional A-Frame style, and the unique salt-box style. Choose the building you think would best suit your new small office space

cabin sheds for office use

Cabins for Office Use

When you need a large new portable office space, a cabin may be of interest to you. These spectacular buildings offer an open space for any business, including manufacturing and retail. Run your business inside this quality-made structure and witness the difference in production.

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