10 of the Top Backyard Storage Shed Ideas– Ideal Styles, Tips & More!

backyard storage shed ideas for fall

Are you looking to transform your shed into a space for productivity, creativity, innovation, or relaxation?

If so, let’s jump right into the following 10 top backyard storage shed ideas, and you can discover your ideal pick, along with tips for choosing your ideal space.

1. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Office Space

office backyard storage shed ideas

Exact Purpose:

A backyard shed office provides you with a dedicated space for focus and organization while staying within a few feet of home.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for an Office:

There are many different shed styles out there, but some of the most popular for backyard offices are A-Frames, Saltboxes (Cottage Shed), or Lofted Barns.

  •  A-Frame (or Garden Shed)
A-frame backyard storage shed ideas

This style of shed offers a classic and modern presence to your yard. Simple yet elegant, the A-Frame works well as a basic shell for your shed-to-office transformation. Plus, the A-Frame style tends to be the most economical.

  • Lofted Barn
portable shed lofted garden shed meadville pa

If you wish for more headspace for a loft (for storage) or for enjoying a “vaulted” ceiling, the Lofted Barn style is where it is at. This style provides the most interior space while looking charming with its barn-like appearance.

  • Saltbox (Cottage Shed)
saltbox backyard storage shed ideas

With a darling sloped roof and overhang, the Saltbox style provides your backyard office with a one-of-a-kind appearance. This style offers the perfect amount of space for creating the optimal space for focus and productivity.

Ideal Sizes for Your Shed Office:

  • 8×12 – Small, but perfect for a desk, some chairs, and even an extra piece of furniture like a small office organizer.
  • 10×12 – Provides an adequate amount of space for an office desk and chair, a comfy corner chair or small sofa, and even a small fridge. Check this 10×12 Sheds: What You Should Know article to discover how much space you would have inside this specific size.
  • 10×20 – Enjoy a bit more space than the 10×12 for more room to add additional cozy chairs for a more complete lounge area.
  • 12×16 – This size offers generous space for an extra roomy office. You can pretty much put the essentials of an office inside this size plus more without feeling cramped. Check out this video of a 12×16 shed for a view of its size.

Top Tips for Shed to Office Transformation:

Once you purchase your shed or build your shed, its shell needs to be transformed into your ideal workspace!

For a step-by-step guide to converting a shed into an office, enjoy reading, How to Convert a Shed into an Office. Or read this article, An Office Shed In PA – Artman’s Insurance Agency, to find out how Artman’s transformed their shed into an ideal office in Pennsylvania.

Plus, for additional backyard storage shed ideas for a shed office, check out the following videos.

This video gives feedback on the costs of the conversion to an office shed.

Decoration Ideas:

Each person has a different décor style; however, here are some backyard storage shed ideas for ways to decorate your brand-new office shed.

  • Small throw rugs
  • Nightstands
  • Potted or hanging house plants
  • Framed pictures
  • Mirrors
  • Large clock
  • Lamps
  • Dartboard
  • Wallpaper or fake brick wall

For a detailed décor tour of a shed office, check out the following video.

2. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Bar/Party Shed

party shed backyard storage shed ideas
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

A Bar shed offers an extra space outside of your home where you can better host parties, barbeques, gatherings, and more!

The Ideal Styles for a Bar Shed are:

  • Saltbox (also referred to as Cottage)

The reason the saltbox style is the most common style for bar sheds is because of its larger overhanging roof. Its charming overhang provides great sun-blocking coverage for the counter and for the ones sitting up at the bar.

  • A-Frame (Garden Shed)

However, while the Saltbox style is popular, A-Frames with a specially built-out roof also are seen quite often with bar sheds.

Note: Check with your local shed builder to see if they offer special customization for incorporating different styles into the creation of the bar shed.

Ideal Sizes:

Here are some of the recommended sizes for a bar shed.

  • 10×12 – This size provides a small but sufficient space for a fridge, a counter, and shelving.
  • 10×16- With a bit more space, the interior will feel a bit more spacious.
  • 12×16 – Enjoy plenty of room for an extra fridge and maybe even some indoor seating.

Top Tips for Shed to Bar Shed Transformation:

If you are purchasing a pre-built bar shed, then the next step is to figure out exactly what kind of bar shed you want. Contact Us for Custom Prebuilt Sheds

Also, check out this article on the Ultimate 12 Bar Shed Ideas for further inspiration in determining your ideal bar shed experience.

If you are hoping to DIY your own shed bar, check out the following video on the process of building a simple one.

Themes & Set-Up Ideas:

A lot of good backyard storage shed ideas for decorating can be found in the Ultimate 12 Bar Shed Idea article. However, the following offers you a recap or additional possibilities.

  • Small fridges
  • Widescreen TV
  • Shelves
  • Cupboards for storage
  • Unique lighting fixtures
  • String lights
  • Hanging plants
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Pictures for the wall
  • Hawaiian Theme
  • Riverside Theme
  • Tropical Theme

3. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Barber Shop

barber shop shed ideas in pa

Exact Purpose:

A shed turned into a barbershop offers an affordable way to start a hobby or a small business of cutting hair. Plus, it keeps work outside of the home.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a Barber Shop:

Here are some popular shed styles for a barbershop shed.

  • A-Frame with roll-up garage door

This style is the most economical and works great for a barbershop thanks to its simple yet effective interior space. Coupled with a roll-up garage door for enjoying the cool summer evenings or for more air circulation, this style will not disappoint.

  • Lofted Barn

If you want a “vaulted ceiling” inside your barbershop, the lofted barn is where it is at! Plus, the lofted barn offers the most interior space of all shed styles.

Ideal Barber Shop Shed Sizes:

Here are some size recommendations for a barbershop shed.

  • 10×12 – This size allows for one salon chair, small sitting couch, and your barber equipment
  • 10×20 – Enjoy a bit more space for breathing room and a bit larger couch.
  • 12×16 – Use more space for adding a small bathroom, an extra salon chair, and a larger couch
  • 12×20 – Set up your barber shop exactly how you want with enough space for a comfortable sitting area, TV and console, small bathroom, and lots of breathing room

Top Tips for Shed to Barber Shop Transformation:

If you are buying a pre-built shed, watch the following video to get the backyard storage shed ideas of the steps in transforming the shell into an awesome barbershop!

For DIYing your barbershop shed, check out these free shed plans to begin figuring out your ideal shed and how to build it.

Set up & Decoration Ideas:

Check out this tour of a completed shed-turned barbershop! This is an insane storage shed idea!

4. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: She Shed

she shed backyard storage shed ideas
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

A She shed allows women of all ages to enjoy a dedicated space for reflection, relaxation, and creativity. Plus, a she shed allows for you to get out of your home without having to drive far away whenever you need a break.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a She Shed:

The following provides you with some popular styles to consider for your she shed.

  • A- Frame (also referred to as Gable or Garden)

The A-Frame style offers a modern and simple shell for your shed to she shed transformation. Classy and modern, if that describes your style, the A-Frame is your match!

  • Lofted Barn

Provides extra headspace or storage space since a lofted barn can also come with a loft. This is an ideal style for either extra storage space or setting up a nook for naps. Also, the Lofted barn style offers the most interior space.

  • Saltbox (also referred to as Cottage)

If you wish to make a statement or your style caters to uniqueness and stands out, the Saltbox style fits the bill. This style of shed offers a distinctive roof and shape that is not typical of other shed styles.

Ideal Sizes:

Here are some size recommendations for she shed.

  • 8×12 – While this size is smaller, it would still fit a couple of small cozy chairs or one small couch, a bookshelf, and a small desk and chair

Here is an idea of its size and what you could fit into an 8×12 she shed.

  • 10×12 – Enough space for a medium-sized couch, additional chairs, a desk, and a mini fridge
  • 12×12 – Plenty of space for creating a roomy getaway with multiple chairs, a couch, a desk, a mini snack station
  • 12×20 – Perfect for she shed hobbies like crafting, sewing, or hosting friends since its interior space is incredibly generous.

View this video at 40 seconds to get a visual idea of how much space a 12×20 she shed offers you.

Top Tips for Shed to She Shed Transformation:

If you are going the pre-built route for your shed, then check out this video series from Life in Multiples showing how to transform the interior of a shed into a she shed.

Ready to build your own she shed? Check out this video on the process of building a 10×12 she shed.

Layout and Decor Ideas & Inspirational Stories:

The most enjoyable part of owning a she shed is adding your own special touches! Every she shed is unique with its own specific purpose.

Check out this blog on interior backyard storage shed ideas for she sheds, Brainstorming of the Best She Shed Ideas as well glean more specific décor ideas from  She Shed Ideas.

Enjoy further inspiration when you read the following she shed stories from a crafter and a gardener.

 A Charming Craft Shed in Georgetown Minnesota and a Stunning She Shed in Wisconsin.  Nothing beats gleaning inspiration from other ladies who are already living the she shed dream!

5. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Gym

backyard storage shed ideas gym
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

A backyard gym allows you to work out from home for free and to create a workout atmosphere that motivates you.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a Backyard Gym:

The following offers you some popular styles for a backyard gym.

  • A-Frame

Simple, affordable, yet absolutely effective, the A-Frame style, also known as garden, utility, or gable, is one of the most popular styles for a backyard gym.

Check out this A-Frame style shed turned into a backyard gym.

  • Lofted Barn

A Lofted Barn provides more headspace for breathing room and for stretching! Plus, this style provides the most space all around.

Check out this Barn style shed used as an epic backyard gym!

Ideal Sizes for a Backyard Gym:

Here are some recommended sizes for a backyard gym:

  • 10×12 – This size is perfect for yoga or stationary bikes
  • 12×12 – Enjoy a bit more space for adding some heavy lifting equipment
  • 12×16 – Great space for setting up work benches and weightlifting equipment
  • 12×20 – Optimal space for your ideal workout scenario

Top Tips for Shed to Backyard Gym Transformation:

If you are preparing to do the backyard storage shed ideas for a gym, then check out this helpful article on, How to Turn a Shed into a Gym

If you are wishing for yoga or stationary bike shed gym, check out this video.

Decor & Layout Design Ideas:

  • Your gym equipment – literally, that is all you need
  • Surfboards
  • Pictures
  • House plants
  • Mats
  • Personalized signs
  • Speakers (for playing your favorite music)
  • Small fridge
  • Small bathroom (for a shower)

6. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Writing Studio

backyard storage shed ideas writing studio
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

Allows writers to close the door behind the hustle, bustle, and noise of the world and write without distraction! Empowers writers to be better at what they do best.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a Writing Studio:

The following offers you some popular styles to consider for your writing shed.

  • The A-Frame (also known as the Gable or Garden)

This style offers an economical and classic space for a writing cave.

  • The Saltbox (also referred to as the Cottage)

With its unique sloping roof, the Saltbox style provides a unique and fun space for a writing studio.

Ideal Sizes:

Writers do not need an extravagantly sized space as much as they need a focused, set-apart space for uninhibited thinking.

 Here are some size recommendations for a writing studio:

  • 8×12 – Just enough space for a comfy chair, desk, and office chair
  • 10×10 – Enjoy space for an extra comfy chair, along with your desk, office chair, and favorite lounging chair
  • 10×16 – This size allows for a roomier feel and is great for adding a standing bookshelf into the above mix
  • 10×20 – Enjoy plenty of space for pacing, thinking, and setting up your ideal writing space with room for plenty of bookshelves and additional furniture items

Visual Ideas for Shed to Writing Studio Transformation:

Check out the following videos for ideas for transforming your shed into a comfy and productive writing space!

Lists of ideal items to include inside your painting studio.

Decoration Ideas:

  • Pages of one of your books for wallpapering a wall of your shed
  • Framed pictures of the front covers of your books
  • Lights
  • Cozy throw blankets
  • Comfy recliner
  • Plants
  • Small table for snacks
  • Shelves
  • Small bed/sofa for napping

7. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Painting Studio

backyard storage shed ideas painting studio
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

A painting studio shed offers you that special space where you can freely get lost in the creation of a piece of artwork and forget you are even in this world.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a Painting Studio Shed:

The followings offer you the most popular shed style for a painting studio:

  • The A-Frame (also known as the Gable or Garden)
  • The Lofted Barn

These styles are extremely popular for a painting studio since it provides sufficient interior space for standing and setting up your painting supplies.

Ideal Sizes:

Here are some size recommendations for a painting studio:

  • 8×16 – Small but effective, this size allows for setting up a desk, easel, shelving, and cabinet

Check out this 8×17 painting studio shed to catch an idea of the amount of space!

  • 10×12 – Great space for setting up shelving, an easel or two, a desk, and a chair
  • 10×20 – Enjoy more space to add the above, plus extra shelving and cabinets for supply storage
  • 12×16 – This amount of space allows for extra storage and a roomier feel all around
  • 12×20 – Ideal amount of space for a full-blown painting hobby

Top Tips for Shed to Painting Shed Transformation:

Check out the remodel of this lovely art studio and glean some transforming tips!

Decoration & Painting Supplies Ideas:

The video below offers ideal items to include inside your painting studio.

8. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Cozy Playhouse

playhouse backyard storage shed ideas
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

A kid’s cozy playhouse provides them with a space of their very own to dream, imagine, and create! A kid’s playhouse is PACKED with benefits!

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a Cozy Playhouse Shed:

The following offers you some popular shed styles for a cozy playhouse.

  • The A Frame (also known as Gable or Garden)

This A-Frame shed is a classic kid’s playhouse style and provides the shape of a mini-house, especially if the door is below the gable roof.

  • Lofted Barn

This style of shed is great for older children since the Lofted Barn would provide more headspace and provide a “second” floor with its loft.

Here are some size recommendations for a cozy playhouse shed:

Ideal Sizes:

  • 8×8 – Small, yet perfect sized for setting up a little table, chairs, and a toy kitchen
  • 8×12 – More spacious for adding a reading nook, a small table, chairs, and a shelf
  • 10×12 – Better for older children since this size provides a lot of space for turning into a cozy spot for reading, playing, and relaxing

Top Tips for Shed to Cozy Playhouse Transformation:

Enjoy watching the following transformation of a shed into a magical playhouse! You will glean some helpful tips along the way!

Also, check out these videos to glean even more tips on converting a garden shed to a playhouse.

Decoration Ideas:

Decorating the inside of your child’s playhouse offers you a chance to involve their creativity or to completely surprise them!

You know your children best and decorating their playhouse with themes they enjoy will ultimately be the best route. However, here are some general ideas in the meantime.

  • Small throw rugs
  • Mirrors
  • Favorite Disney themes
  • Small chairs & table
  • Small couch
  • Bookshelf
  • Pictures – of wild-life, superheroes, favorite colors
  • Toy kitchen
  • Science lab
  • Nothing – Let them imagine and create it all!

9. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Man Cave

backyard storage shed ideas man cave
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

A man cave provides men with a space of their own to create an environment that feels the most inviting and invigorating to their souls.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a Man cave Shed:

The following offers you some popular shed styles for a man cave.

  • The A-Frame (also known as the Gable or Garden Shed)

This style of shed is a great option thanks to being economical and classy. If you are looking for a lounge-type of man cave, this style is ideal.

  • Lofted Barn

If you are wishing for a man cave to work with your hands and plan to store a lot of tools, equipment, etc., inside your space, then the Lofted Barn is ideal. Thanks to its loft and extra headspace, you can enjoy plenty of room for storage.

Ideal Sizes:

Here are some size recommendations for your man cave:

  • 12×16 – Great size for creating a chill-out lounge with couches, fridge, and shelves for snacks, books, DVDs, etc.
  • 12×20 – Provides a very roomy space for setting up your
  • 12×24 – Enjoy enough space to add a pool table and small bar
  • 14×24 – Ultimate space for turning into a workshop and hang-out space

Top Tips for Shed to Man cave Transformation:

Check out this blog on 10 Steps to transforming a shed into a man cave.

Also, check out this video to see the transformation in action! Your man cave can be next!

Decoration & Set up Ideas:

Check out this article on 10 “SuperMan” Cave Ideas for great inspiration for ways to decorate and set up your very own man cave.

Here are some ideas in the meantime to get the wheels of your imagination turning!

  • Dartboards
  • Posters – sports teams, colleges, favorite movies
  • Foosball
  • Pool Table
  • Couches
  • Recliner
  • Fridge – with your favorite drinks & cold snacks
  • Shelves – for your favorite books, games, and movies
  • Widescreen TV
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Personal trophies
  • Favorite tools
  • Woodworking equipment
  • LED lighting
  • Sound system
  • Desk & chair

10. Backyard Storage Shed Ideas: Pool House

backyard storage shed ideas pool house
Photo Credit: Source

Exact Purpose:

A pool house provides a space for changing into swimwear, a chill-out or refreshment spot, and/or a place to shower, all right beside the pool.

Ideal Storage Shed Styles for a Pool House:

The following offers you some popular shed styles for a pool house.

  • The A Frame (also known as the Gable or Garden shed)

Thanks to its classy and modern design coupled with its economical price, the A-Frame style is the most popular for pool houses.

  •  The Modern

The Modern shed is even more stylish than the A-Frame in its design. While the Modern shed, with its sloping flat roof, is literally more modern than the A-Frame, it is also more expensive.

Ideal Sizes:

Here are some size recommendations for your pool house:

  • 10×20 – Set up a cozy seating area, some lockers for swimwear, and wall shelving for storage
  • 12×16 – Plenty of space for creating a comfy seating area, snack bar, and changing room
  • 12×24 – Enjoy extra space for furniture, a small fridge for drinks, and even a bed for napping
  • 14×24 – Add a complete bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, small living room, and kitchenette

Top Tips for Shed to Pool House Transformation:

Watch this following video on tips to transform a shed into a pool house.

Decoration & Set up Ideas:

Allow the following décor ideas to spark your creativity!

  • Mirrors
  • Hangers for hats, towels etc.
  • Lockers – Store towels and swimwear
  • Small fridge for drinks & snacks
  • Partitioned area for a changing room (if no bathroom)
  • Oars
  • Rugs
  • Shelves for storing pool equipment and toys
  • Seashells
  • Hanging plants
  • Pool-safe furniture
  • Hammock
  • Drawers for storage
  • Fish Tank

Wrapping Up the Top 10 Backyard Storage Shed Ideas

Wishing you the best of success with your top pick from our top 10 backyard storage shed ideas!

Owning an extra space for life is so worth it and once you have conquered this goal, you will never look back!


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