12 Custom Shed Ideas

12 Shed Ideas

Is your property feeling too ordinary, and you want something new to add interest and value? Whether you’re looking for a space to explore new hobbies, a dedicated space for working from home, or a cozy space for relaxing and hanging out with friends and family, this list of twelve shed ideas is sure to get the gears of your brain spinning and give you some great ideas for a new addition to your property.

Storage Shed Ideas

Custom Storage Shed Ideas

It’s frustrating when your home starts getting crowded, and closets and attics begin to overflow, but you don’t want to get rid of those precious things you don’t use every day just because you don’t have room for them. End your frustration and save yourself from those big, scary black trash bags with a backyard storage shed. 

Keep your yard tools, gardening supplies, seasonal decorations, sports equipment, or a combination of these neatly organized and out of your hair. Having extra storage space outside the house will also give you extra space for new items and hobbies to explore.

Ideas to Customize Your Storage Shed

Storage Shed Ideas


Good sturdy shelving is a must for storage sheds. Keep your shed neat and organized with labeled shelves and specific zones for different categories of supplies. Make sure you have large enough shelves to easily fit your larger items. Keep smaller items in totes or baskets to cut down on clutter in your shed.

Loft Space

An overhead loft space, a lofted barn from Gold Star is the perfect place to store items that you don’t use often. Organize your seasonal decorations in totes and put them out of sight and out of mind until the next time you need them! 

Wall Hooks

Every area in your storage shed should be utilized for optimum storage space. The walls that don’t have shelves installed can be outfitted with hooks. Keep your yard tools in a neat row on the wall for easy access. Read more about organizing your tools in this blog post dedicated solely to efficient ways to store tools!

Garden Shed Ideas

Garden Shed Ideas

Is your house starting to look more like a jungle than a house, but you can’t stop yourself from walking out of your local greenhouse with a cart full of new plants whenever you go? Or is your backyard the spot on your property you’re the most proud of because of the lush garden you’ve grown? A garden shed is a perfect place for greenthumbs to express themselves and invest more in their passion while having extra space for new plants or tools.

Create a plant oasis of natural light with a garden shed full of windows, or add shelves, hooks, and bins to keep all your gardening necessities organized. You can decorate and customize your garden shed any way you like and finally become the gardener you’ve always envied by adding a garden shed.

Ideas to Customize Your Garden Shed

Custom Garden Shed Ideas


When working with plants, you have to get dirty, but you don’t have to break your back doing it. Instead of bending down to the ground to re-pot your favorite plant that has become rootbound, outfit your garden shed with a workbench where you can repot your plants. 


As an avid gardener, you know the terrible feeling of one of your plants starting to shrivel up and turn yellow. Then the yellow turns to brown, and leaves start falling, and eventually, your plant has lost its will to live. Don’t let a lack of sunlight be the reason for this! Add multiple large windows to your shed to give your plants ample sunlight. Don’t forget to think about where you place your extra windows in relation to where the sun rises and sets.


You can’t grow plants without water. Add a sink with running water to make watering your plants easy. A sink in your garden shed will also give you a place to wash up after working in your garden rather than taking the dirt into your house.

Seating area

Your garden shed needs a place for you to sit and enjoy your hard work. Add a cozy chair or a sitting hammock in a corner of your shed to give yourself the perfect spot for reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, or just basking in the beauty around you.

Craft Shed Ideas

Do you or your children enjoy craft projects, but it always turns the house into a disaster scene with papers spread all over your dining room table, stickers stuck to the floor, and where did all this glitter come from? Get a craft shed and make your crafting times more manageable and less hectic.

Keep the chaos in check with a specific place to keep your craft supplies in order. Keep the mess out of your house and contained in one area while giving a space where you and your children’s creativity can come alive.

Ideas to Organize Your Craft Shed

Custom Craft Shed Ideas

Pegboards and Shelves

There are a lot of supplies and tools that you use for crafting, and keeping them organized in an attractive way can be a challenge. Outfit your craft shed walls with pegboard and shelves and instantly notice the change in the feel of your space. 

Categorize and Label

Once you have your shelves in place, take time to categorize your supplies and arrange them in labeled totes or baskets. This might seem like it’s a waste of time at first, but once you’re ready to start a crafting project, you’ll thank your past self for the foresight.

Decor and Display

Crafting is all about creating something beautiful and exciting and it’s hard to do that without inspiration. Decorate your craft shed in a way that you know will put you in a creative headspace. Your shed shouldn’t just be an organized and practical space. It should inspire you with its eclectic beauty.

Music Shed Ideas

Music Shed Ideas

Are you a seasoned musician or just learning how to play? Step inside your music shed and be inspired by the instruments, amps, and sheet music surrounding you, and make music like no one is listening. Having your music shed will help you overcome your insecurities and practice without worrying about other people’s thoughts. 

If you’re confident in your abilities and enjoy jamming out with other musicians, make your dream of being part of a band come true. A music shed will give your band a place to practice for your next gig and come up with the next chart-topping beat.

Ideas to Outfit Your Music Shed

Sound Proofing

It’s key that your music shed has good acoustics. Customize your space with soundproofing materials so you can write your next big hit in a space that has quality sound. Or give yourself some extra noise reduction so the neighbors don’t call the cops with a noise complaint, again…

Instrument Storage

Adding hooks on the walls of your shed is a great way to store your instruments. Not only does this keep your instruments organized and out of harm’s way, but it makes your instruments the art piece that you know they are! 

Inspirational Decoration

Decorate your music space with things that inspire you! Whether that’s posters of artists that you admire, vintage records that you picked up at a garage sale, or sheet music from your favorite concerto. Pick the music that has the right aesthetics to inspire your next song.

Check out how this music shed is finished and get inspired for your own!

Office Shed Ideas

Office Shed Ideas

Is a career change in your future, and you want your job to be something you can do from home, but the thought of being cooped up in the four walls of your home all day and all week drives you crazy? An office shed in your backyard will give you the feeling of getting out of the house while staying on your property.

Get away from the distractions at home and focus entirely on your work. At the end of the day, you can shut the door, leave work in your office shed, and enjoy pleasant evenings making memories with your family.

Ideas to Customize Your Office Shed


You’re going to spend a lot of time in your office shed, so it’s important that you prepare it fully for all kinds of weather. Fully insulating your building will help you control the climate m and cut down on the heating and cooling bills.


Finish off the floor of your office shed with a high-quality hardwood floor. This will allow your desk chair to easily roll across the floor and also add a professional and aesthetic finish to your building.

Coffee Station

Coffee is a must for any working space. Dedicate a small corner of your office shed for an espresso machine and comfortable chair where you can take a break from your work and give your brain a chance to relax.

Woodworking Shed Ideas

Woodworking Shed Ideas

Do you love to see what you can find hidden in a piece of wood? If you’re an avid wood carver or a crafter of beautiful wooden furniture, a woodworking shed is what will transform your hobby into something more. Keep your tools organized and in excellent condition, with specific storage space for them.

You can turn your talent for woodworking into a side hustle with a woodworking shed. Express yourself through your hobby while making a little extra money on the side.

Ideas to Customize Your Woodworking Shed

Large Workbench

When you’re working with wood, the last thing you want is to be working in cramped and cluttered conditions. This can result in one of your pieces of art accidentally being pushed to the floor or just simple frustration over not being able to stretch out when working. Add a large workbench to your woodworking shed and enjoy working with plenty of space for all your tools and projects.

Display Shelf

You’ve spent long hours working on your latest piece, and it deserves some attention. Outfit your shed with a shelf dedicated to displaying your creations. You can even build the display shelf yourself!

This 12×16 shed was transformed into a workshop to provide an excellent space for crafting and creating. While this isn’t one of our shed, we have the sheds to make this outcome possible!

Sewing Shed Ideas

If the hum of a sewing machine and the feel of fabric under your fingers is like therapy to you, a sewing shed is the perfect addition to your property. With shelves for your bolts of fabric and tables large enough for your sewing machines and for cutting fabric, you’ll be able to experiment with new patterns and styles with ease.

Turn your hobby of sewing into an opportunity for socialization. Host a weekly sewing club in your sewing shed and connect with other people with similar interests.

Ideas to Outfit Your Sewing Shed


Without running electricity to your sewing shed it really won’t be much of a sewing shed. Customize your shed with receptacles and bright lights to give yourself a productive workspace.


Your sewing shed should be a cozy and comfortable place to work on your next project. Fully insulating your shed will keep it at a more reasonable temperature when it’s either really hot or really cold outside.

Gym Shed Ideas

Gym Shed Ideas

Did your New Year’s resolution include fitness goals, but now that daily drive to the gym is taking its toll on you and your wallet? Creating your gym shed is a great way to stay in shape and save time and money in the long run. Invest in equipment that will last you a lifetime, and never pay for a gym membership again.

Having your gym shed will give you privacy to workout without worrying about how you look or comparing yourself to your fellow exercisers. After having your own space, you might decide you love fitness so much that you want to do it full-time. Starting a job as a personal trainer has never been easier than if you already have a full gym setup.

Ideas to Customize Your Gym Shed

Custom Gym Shed Ideas


Outfit your shed with electricity and add a refrigerator to keep your drinks and snack in. Exercising involves burning a lot of calories, and you need to keep your body well-fueled and hydrated. And let’s be honest, sometimes the thought of that ice-cold drink is the only thing that gets you through the last reps of your workout.


Your gym shed is going to have to handle a lot of weight with all the equipment that will be added. Because of that, you need to ensure that you find high-quality flooring that will hold up well under hard use.

Shower Area

Whether you want to have a place to do an ice bath or want to shower after a workout, a shower space will take your gym to the next level. To do this, you can buy a shower stall from your local big box store. Or you can create your own custom tiled shower space, the opportunities are endless!

Check out more ideas for gym sheds on our blog dedicated to them!

Art Studio Shed Ideas

Do the names van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and Kahlo inspire you? Do you dream of having your name in that lineup someday? Every artist needs their own studio space. An art studio shed is the perfect way to help find your muse and inspire your next masterpiece. 

Turn the walls of your art studio shed into a gallery for the finished pieces you’re most proud of. Invite other aspiring artists or friends to appreciate your hard work or create with you.

Ideas to Make Your Art Studio Shed Your Own

Custom Art Studio Shed Ideas


Creating a masterpiece is easier when fresh air is flowing through open windows and natural light is spilling over your canvas. Customize your art studio shed with large windows to create a space that inspires you to create.


Art can be messy. Cleaning your paintbrushes and washing hands that suddenly seem to be as covered in paint as your canvas is made easier with the addition of a sink in your art shed.

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at this backyard art studio!

Pool Shed Ideas

Pool Shed Ideas

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your pool to feel more upscale and sophisticated? Turn your pool into a mini-resort with a pool shed. Outfit your pool shed with comfy lounge chairs and tables for your drinks and snacks, and enjoy a view of the water out of the sun. Install a roll-up door and large windows to make it feel like you’re outside.

Pool sheds are more than just a great idea for hot summer days. During the winter months or days when the pool isn’t in use, store your pool floaties and other pool accessories in the shed to get them out of the way and protect them.

Ideas to Elevate Your Pool Shed

Custom Pool Shed Ideas


Outfit your pool shed with electricity and add a mini fridge, slushy machine, or any other electric appliance to make your pool shed feel like a resort. 


Your pool shed should have a lot of character. A great way to personalize your shed is by using a unique interior paint color.

Check out this amazing poolside bar that this pool has! This isn’t one of our projects, but if you want something similar, we’d be happy to work with you. Contact us for more information!

Tea Room Shed Ideas

Tea Room Shed Ideas

There’s something about a hot cup of tea that brings people together and makes you feel a lot more cultured. Design your own tea house and enjoy hosting tea parties for your friends. Create a comfortable and welcoming environment by finishing your tea shed with warm tones and plush seating. 

Start different clubs to gather in your ambient space, and never worry about where to host them. Discuss books, hobbies, or current events over a cup of tea with your friends. Whether it’s a long summer evening with fragrant smells wafting through open windows or a cold day with mounds of fresh snow in the middle of winter, your tea shed will make the perfect gathering space for any occasion.

Ideas to Add to Your Tea Room Shed

Cozy Seating

Add soft chairs, bean bags, or sitting hammocks to your tea room to create a unique and comfortable seating space. For a more classical feel, outfit your tea room shed with Victorian-era furniture and sip your tea in style!


You need electricity to heat your water to the proper temperature for tea steeping. Fully outfitting your tea shed with electricity will make it a more modern and comfortable space.

Open Shelving

Why hide your tea-making supplies behind cupboard doors? Store your loose-leaf teas in attractive canisters and proudly display them on open shelving. Your unique tea cups will also add to the aesthetics of the space if they are displayed where you can see them.

Playhouse Shed Ideas

Children need places where they can create their world and grow their imagination. A playhouse shed allows children to enter their imaginary world while learning fundamental life skills.

Whether it’s a place that mimics a real house or where your children can play games and hang out with their friends, a playhouse shed will provide them with hours of entertainment and opportunities to expand their imagination and knowledge.

Ideas to Outfit Your Playhouse Shed

Interior Paint

Your kids’ playhouse should feel like a real house. Let your children pick the colors of the interior of their playhouse shed and let them get a feel for making grown-up decisions. This is also a great opportunity for them to practice their painting skills and work on their own space!


Allow your children the freedom to decorate their playhouse shed as they want it. Having a space that is truly their own will make them feel a greater sense of responsibility and ownership, which will add maturity and depth to their character.

Shed Ideas | Finishing the Interior

DIY Shed Ideas

Now that you’ve got some ideas of how you can use a shed to add interest and value to your property, here are some practical steps that you can take to create the shed of your dreams

No matter what design of shed you want, you’re going to want to finish the interior of your shed for optimal comfort.

Insulating Your Shed

Make sure you insulate around your doors and windows with a can of Window and Door Insulation which is made not to expand as much as regular foam insulation keeping the windows and door free of extra pressure and the resulting damage. 

Choose between spray foam insulation and fiberglass batt insulation for the rest of the shed. Both are relatively easy options with quality protection from cold or heat; however, spray insulation does get in all the cracks and crevices of your shed where batt insulation can’t. With either option, you’ll want to be mindful of moisture gathering in your shed and talk with a local contractor about ways to protect it from excess moisture and the mold that comes with it.


Finishing Interior Shed Ideas

You aren’t finished with your walls once you have them insulated. You don’t want that insulation exposed and taken away from the looks of your space. 

Tongue and groove boards are the most common choice when finishing sheds. These boards are easy to handle and offer reliable walls and even ceilings for your shed. If your shed isn’t placed on a solid concrete foundation, tongue and groove boards are all made to allow the foundation of your shed to settle and shift without cracking.


Once your walls are installed, it’s time to get creative and make your shed your own. Stain or varnish the wall panels if you want a rustic and warm finish. Paint the walls any color you choose to fit the ambiance you’re going for. 


Diy Shed Ideas Flooring

Choose how you want to finish the floor of your shed, whether it’s tile, linoleum, hardwood, or carpet. Make sure you install your flooring after you’ve finished the walls and before you finish the interior with trim. 

Shelving and Organization

Diy Shed Ideas Shelving

Now that you have the interior surfaces done, you can focus on what makes your shed your own. If you’re looking for a shed to organize and simplify your storage needs, install shelves, hooks, and bins to make the space as organized as possible. Add furniture or equipment if you’re looking to create a space for relaxation or your hobbies.


Diy Shed Ideas Decorations

Now comes the most exciting step in the process. Everything is in place. Your shelves are built. Your gym equipment is assembled, or your instruments are hung on the walls. Now you need to add personal touches to own the space. Add art to walls, rugs on the floor, and plants on shelves to make the space warm and welcoming. 

The Best Part

Diy Shed Ideas New Door

The best part comes in the last step of designing your shed. This last step is also the first step on a new journey. When you open the door of your new shed space, step inside, take a deep breath, and enjoy the satisfaction of all your hard work coming together into a space where you can express yourself, you’ve experienced the final, fulfilling step. Now it’s time to look to the future and see how this new space will improve your life and enhance your passions.

Get started on this new journey today by requesting a quote for your new shed! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d love to help you out. Another great tool you can use is our 3D Designer. Start visualizing your new shed by designing it in 3D!

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