Shed Storage Ideas: Efficient Ways to Store Tools

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Has your tool collection outgrown your toolbox? Did one corner of your garage become a dumping ground? You should consider an outdoor tool shed! With the many styles and reasonable prices available, a small tool shed might be the solution for you! In this article, we cover the most common tool shed types and shed storage ideas and solutions to help you organize.

What is a tool shed?

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Not all shed styles are suited to be a tool shed. Generally, tool shed sizes range from 3’x5’ to 10’x12’. Outdoor tool sheds are generally more affordable than other storage shed options. Since they are smaller, they are compatible with most backyard spaces. Also, a good garden tool shed will have an interior laid out for easy organization.

Tool Shed Exteriors

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There are many exterior materials available. Consider where you will keep your shed and what your budget is for your shed. Below are some popular shed exterior options.


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Wooden tool shed options have expanded dramatically in the last several years. Originally built with simple wood paneling, manufacturers now offer T1-11, clapboard, board and batten, engineered wood, and many other sidewall material options. Our standard option comes with ⅝” thick siding which is 66% thicker than most competing siding products. Wooden frames offer easy customization when adding shelves, hooks, pegboards, etc.

Since wooden tool sheds are usually custom-built, they are often more expensive than the other options on the market. Wood is not naturally resistant to rot, insects, moisture, and mildew. This means a wooden tool shed will need painting and other maintenance to keep it in prime condition. However, the new treated wood products are more resistant to fire, moisture, and rot. Research the manufacturer’s guaranteed lifespan on the materials used before purchasing. You can learn more about the materials we use here.


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A metal tool shed gives you a durable exterior resistant to insects, fire, and rot. We offer a 40-year warranty on all our metal sheds! However, metal is susceptible to rust, and fewer customization options are available. Also, metal tool shed frames are more susceptible to snow loads and high winds than wooden tool sheds.


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While similar to plastic, vinyl or PVC tool sheds are classed separately from plastic outdoor tool sheds. Vinyl sheds are typically built with a wooden frame but use PVC for the exterior materials. Vinyl tool sheds have low maintenance requirements and have fire-resistant materials. Also, since most houses in the United States have vinyl siding, vinyl sheds can be matched to your house.

But, Vinyl is susceptible to fading and can be a pricier option than some of the others available. Also, vinyl flooring will wear out sooner than a wood or metal floor and the overall construction is weaker than a wooden or metal tool shed. For safety reasons, we recommend buying a wooden or metal shed if you encounter extreme weather where you live.


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Plastic or resin garden tool sheds are the cheapest option available. Plastic is a low-maintenance material so you won’t have to worry about insects or other pests destroying the exterior. However, safety and durability are a concern with plastic tool sheds. Plastic DIY tool sheds do not hold up as well to winds, so you will need to anchor it to the ground. Also, the plastic floor will not hold up well when storing heavy items. Similar to vinyl sheds, plastic sheds are mass-produced with a limited selection of colors. This limits your customization of the shed.

Tool Shed Storage Ideas

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Now you know the types of sheds available. However, you need an organization plan, otherwise, your shed will become a dumping ground. Here are a few tool shed storage ideas to get you started.

Shed Storage Ideas: Shelves

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One of the first shed storage ideas that may come to mind is having shelves in your shed. Shelving is the first place to start when purchasing a tool shed storage solution. If you don’t own shelves yet, get some before buying anything else! You can reuse old shelves from your home, buy a new shelf, or get them preinstalled in your shed. Organize your shelves by what you use the most.

Put the items you use most on the middle shelves near your eye level. Use the top shelf for seasonal items or rarely used tools. Store heavy items on the bottom shelf to avoid accidents. If you have, an 8×10 tool shed – for example, 6 shelves installed on the walls of your 8×10 storage shed, you could easily fit the following items.

Shed storage Ideas: Hooks

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Investing in Hooks is one of the best shed storage ideas and a great way to store smaller tools like pruners, trowels, hand saws, etc. Use larger hooks to store shovels, brooms, and rakes on the wall. Hooks are easy to screw into wooden tool shed frames and can be easily moved if needed.

Shed Storage Ideas: Use the Ceiling

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A tool shed’s ceiling is often overlooked as a storage solution. Plywood boards can convert the unused space into shelving. Lofted barns are a great example of using ceiling space. Also, many home improvement stores offer specifically designed ceiling-mounted hooks. You can use these to hang bicycles, fishing gear, and many other items. Check out this blog for more ceiling storage tips.

Shed Storage Ideas: Pegboards

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Is your toolbox too small? Pegboards are a great solution to store your commonly used hand tools. Plus, you can rearrange a pegboard as your tool collection grows. You can choose from metal or wooden pegboards that come in a variety of colors. Customize them with differently sized hooks and shelves to fit your needs.

Shed storage Ideas: Magnets

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There are a variety of magnetic tool holders available. A wall-mounted magnetic holder is a great way to store your screwdrivers, pliers, Vise Grips, files, or other small metal hand tools. You can also buy magnetic socket holders and magnetic parts trays

Storage Shed Ideas: Old furniture

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Do you have an old dresser you plan to get thrown away? Instead, consider repurposing it for your tool shed storage. With some DIY skills, you can easily convert a dresser into shelves. Check Facebook marketplace for cheap, locally available cabinets. Check out this blog for tips on determining if your old furniture is valuable.

Who Sells Garden Tool Sheds?

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An outdoor tool shed is an investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly! When researching small tool shed options focus on shed companies that don’t skimp on quality building materials and methods. Read the shed warranties they offer and previous customer reviews. You can find our customer reviews here.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for! Keep this in mind when shopping at one of the options listed below. A cheaply built tool shed needing constant maintenance may be more expensive in the long run!

Local Shed Builders

Most dedicated shed companies offer customizable pre-built tool sheds and deliver them to your door. Search online for tool shed dealers near you to explore your options. If you live in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio we would love to conduct business with you! You can view the shed styles we offer below and view our delivery areas here.

Online retailers

Small tool sheds are available from a variety of popular online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Walmart, and Sheds Direct. These are usually foreign-made plastic or metal DIY tool shed kits that need assembly. Also, customization is essentially impossible.

Home Improvement Stores

Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, and Ace Hardware all offer garden tool sheds. Many of these sheds also need assembly or full construction. These DIY tool shed kits are not customizable.

Tool sheds by Goldstar Buildings

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Utility Shed

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The Utility Shed is a prefab shed designed to allow higher walls without adding an overhead loft. Built with a conventional A-Frame style roof, this utility shed is a perfect small tool shed! The utility shed is our lowest cost option but does not compromise on quality! With standard sizes ranging from 8×8 up to 14×32*, we have a utility shed for almost any need. We offer single wooden doors that are 36” or 48” wide and double doors that are 72” and 96” wide. We also offer 36” fiberglass doors.

Cottage Shed

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The Cottage Shed is a favorite among our metal and wood sheds. It has a salt-box or “offset style” roof, giving it a wider eve in the front than on the back. The cottage shed comes standard with two 24×26 windows. You can add more windows, choose from many roofing styles, and color match the siding and trim to your house!

The Cottage Shed is available in standard sizes from 8×12 up to 12×32. Our single wood door options are 36” or 48” wide and double door options are 72” and 96” wide. We also offer 36” fiberglass doors.

Garden shed

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The Garden Shed is a versatile storage shed, available with either wood or metal siding. It’s styled like our utility shed, but with the doors on a side wall instead of an end wall. It is available in sizes from 8×8 to 14×32 and comes standard with one 24×36 window. Buildings 8’ wide come standard with a single door while the larger sizes come with double doors. Single wooden door options we offer are 36” or 48” wide and double door options are 72” and 96” wide. We also offer 36″ fiberglass doors.


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The Barn style shed is a mini barn built with a barn-style roof. The barn is easily customizable and comes in sizes ranging from 8×8 up to 12×24. Due to its straightforward design, many of our customers choose the mini Barn for simple storage. Our single wooden door options are 36” or 48” wide and double door options are 72” and 96” wide or you can add 36” fiberglass doors.

Lofted Barn

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The Lofted Barn is a prefab mini barn design with a barn-style roof and an overhead loft for storage. The Lofted Barn is available in sizes ranging from 8×8 to 12×32. This prefab Lofted Barn is easily customizable and offers more cubic space than the Barn. The size of this barn is great for storing items, like lawn and garden tools, or bulky items such as bicycles. Our single wooden door options are 36” or 48” wide and double door options are 72” and 96” wide. We also offer 36” fiberglass doors.

Lofted Garden Shed

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The Lofted Garden Shed is a portable garden shed built to the same specs as a Lofted Barn, but with the door on a sidewall. We build the Lofted Garden Shed in standard sizes ranging from 8×8 up to 12×32. This portable shed offers more cubic space than the garden shed due to the higher ceiling. Single wooden door options are 36” or 48” wide and double door options are 72” and 96” wide. We also offer 36″ fiberglass doors. This tool shed comes standard with a 24×36 window.

Purchasing Your tool shed

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We hope this guide gave you the insight needed to guide you in your tool shed purchase! Visit our Prefab Shed Ideas blog if you need more inspiration! If you live in western Pennsylvania, get started by requesting a free quote or you can browse our current inventory page. If you can’t afford paying for your shed upfront, check out our Rent-to-Own plans! Not sure what Rent-to-Own is? Visit our Rent-to-Own blog for more information!

If you have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you!

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