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This page contains helpful, inspiring articles related to prefab sheds, garages, and cabins. We hope you'll find something that will make your life (and your search for a backyard building) easier and more successful.

An Office Shed in PA - Artman’s Insurance Agency

The step-by-step story of how Scott and Pamela Artman built an office shed in PA for their insurance agency…with the help of Gold Star Buildings!

10x12 Sheds: What You Should Know

We answer all the top questions about 10x12 sheds: "What does a 10x12 shed cost?", "Is a 10x12 shed big enough?", "Do 10x12 sheds require permits?", and more!

How Do Rent To Own Sheds Work? - The Complete Guide

In this article, we answer the question, "How do rent-to-own sheds work?" We address many of the common questions associated with rent-to-own sheds and give practical tips for purchasing your own rent-to-own building.

What Are Prefab Garages? 5 Types to Compare

Ever wondered, "What are prefab garages?" Let's take a look at what make a prefab garage a prefab garage, as well as compare "modular garages" and "portable garages". Plus, we'll break down 5 popular prefab garage types.

7 Things the Best Metal Sheds All Have in Common

How can you tell the best metal sheds from a piece of junk? We reveal what the best metal sheds all have in common and teach you to identify quality metal sheds.

11 Helpful Classic Car Storage Tips

It’s winter season and it’s time to put your classic car away. It might seem easy to just park your car in the garage or drive it into a storage unit but, if you don’t prep properly it can have detrimental impact on the integrity of the car and motor. Classic cars can be very valuable and it’s important that everything is done right when preparing car for winter storage. Make sure you aren’t unintentionally damaging your car with these 11 must-know long term vehicle storage tips.

How to Prepare for the Delivery of Your Wooden Storage Building

You’re excited about the big day when your new wooden storage building will arrive. After making all of the difficult decisions related to choosing a size, colors, and added options that you’ll find useful, now it’s time to prepare for the big day when your shed is installed and you can move in.

Garage Space for Rent At Your Home

Are you looking for a rental storage unit to store your stuff? Get garage space for rent at your home for a convenient and cost effective storage option.

Modular Garage Prices: How Much Does a Detached Garage Cost?

How much should a detached garage cost? When you’re getting prices for a modular garage it can be difficult to determine what the price range should be. There are many factors to consider when budgeting for the cost of a modular detached garage. Here are the main variables that come into play.

2 Car Garage Dimensions: Common Modular Garage Sizes

Two car modular garages come in a wide range of sizes, anywhere from the tiny 20x20 to the massive 32x48. How do you begin to figure out which modular garage size will best meet your needs? We'll help you figure it out in 5 steps.

Pre Built Cabins: 10 Interior Design Ideas

Are you on the market for pre built cabins? Here are 10 clever and space-saving interior design ideas to get you started designing the interior of your own pre built cabin.

Building a Shed Base for Your Shed

Here are 3 reasons why your shed should be installed on a prepared base and 4 ways to build a shed base. Following are basic instructions on how to build a gravel base for your shed.

How to Finish the Inside of a Small Prefab Cabin

If you’ve recently purchased a small prefab cabin you may be getting ready to finish the inside. With some skilled labor, the right materials, and the right tools, a prefab cabin can easily be turned into a cozy living space. This guide is intended to give advice specifically for finishing a small prefab cabin that is installed on a gravel or concrete pad.

Backyard Buildings Buying Guide

Do you need help sorting through all the options when it comes to ordering a backyard building? This backyard shed buying guide will help you work through the ordering process.

Outdoor Sheds DIY: Is It for You?

If you are thinking about building an outdoor shed yourself, here are some things to consider. This article will help you weigh the pros and cons before you start.

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