7 Perks Of A Home Exercise Shed

For some, working out is a daily routine. For others, it is routine to exercise three or four times a week. Some of us avoid the gym because we dislike the stares of others or we don’t have time for it. But we want to work out more in order to stay healthy and fit. 

From the avid bodybuilder to the person who just wants to stay healthy, we all would work out more often if the gym was closer, cleaner, safer, and felt like fewer people were looking at us.

Having a home exercise shed avoids all of these predicaments. Meaning we can prioritize our health, convenience, and privacy at the same time. Below are seven reasons why a home exercise shed makes sense for you!

Home Exercise Shed | 7 Reasons To Make Your Own

You may ask yourself, Why can’t I just go to the gym? We will look at seven reasons why having a home exercise shed is better than going to the local gym.


Do you like working out around other people? If you answered no, a home gym shed might just be right up your alley! With a home exercise shed, you can use your favorite equipment when you would like without waiting on other people. If you want to work out in the middle of the night, you have the liberty to do so. A home exercise shed allows you to work out how and when you want.


A home exercise shed gives you the benefit of privacy. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, sometimes it’s nice just to feel like you are not being watched. Without other people staring and judging you, you can work out in peace, allowing you to focus on the quality of your exercise. Additionally, you can play music without anyone else getting irritated at you for being loud.


When you have to drive to the local gym, it is easy to skip one workout. Then before you know it, you’ve missed the whole week. Having a home workout shed can help keep you on a consistent workout schedule. This makes working out easier than ever to stay in shape!

Friends And Family

Maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum and enjoy working out by yourself all the time. Working out with others can be more fun and competitive than working out by yourself.  But with many gym memberships, you have to pay extra to bring someone with you. If you are training at home, your friends or family can join in without the hassle of adding people to your membership. This means that your home exercise shed can be a workout hub for your friends and family. Who knows, maybe you can start your own gym membership plan.


Time is the one commodity that we all have but can never get back. Save yourself the daily running back and forth to the local gym and add back the wasted time to your day.  Now, you can spend more time working out or doing other things when you would have been driving. Make every minute count with your home exercise shed.


Your home exercise shed is your private gym, meaning you can customize the workouts and the equipment in it. Don’t settle for the equipment that is available at a local gym; use the equipment that you like. Take back your workout time and make it everything you need it to be! 


Does the idea of using sweaty equipment sound disgusting? It should. Oftentimes, we just try to forget about the sweat, bacteria, and dirt; however, it is still there. Keep your equipment clean in your private home exercise shed. 

What Features Will My Home Exercise Shed Have?

At Gold Star Buildings, we are dedicated to providing excellent structures for your home exercise shed.  We want to serve our customers, so we offer services such as Financing or Rent-To-Own options.  Here are some other shed features you can expect no matter what style you choose.

Quality Exercise Shed Construction

Because we want your home exercise shed to last for years, we do our best to build it with quality materials.  The entire base is made of pressure-treated materials to resist the decay that comes with exposure to moisture. The joists are made with pressure-treated 2×6 lumber, making a solid foundation for the building. 

Heavy Duty Exercise Shed Flooring

Working out puts a lot of wear and tear on the floor, so we put heavy-duty flooring in your exercise shed. Each structure is outfitted with the standard ⅝” pressure-treated plywood flooring. If you lift heavy weights often, take advantage of our optional upgrade to ¾” flooring and 12″ on center floor joists that can be found in our garages.

Locking Exercise Shed Door Latch

Our locking latch doors keep your valuable fitness equipment safe and secure. These doors can also be a great way to keep some privacy while you are working out in the shed. After you work out, rest assured that your belongings are safe and won’t be able to be tampered with.

Customizable Exercise Shed Options

No matter which style you have, you have the option to choose what type of siding and roofing you want. We offer pressure-treated wood siding, LP SmartSide, or 40-year guaranteed metal siding for your home gym. Additionally, you can choose between shingles or metal for the roof. Choose the options that make your ideal exercise shed!

How Should I Arrange My Home Exercise Shed

How should a workout shed be organized? That depends mainly on your personal preference, how big your area is, and what equipment you have. If you want to start a small gym for your neighborhood, the bigger shed options would be ideal. If you are budget-conscious, the smaller options work better for you. As you ponder how to arrange your equipment, take a look at some ideas shown below.

12 x 24 Exercise Shed Layout

Let’s start with the ideal setup. If your gym shed is on the larger side, you have enough room for all your favorite equipment. Shown above is a scaled layout for a 12’ X 24’ exercise shed that includes room for plenty of equipment. If you are looking for weight lifting, you should have a workout station, a weight rack, and a training bench. 

For cardio, you should have machines such as a rowing machine, exercise bike, and treadmill.  Add a TV and screen for entertainment or music while exercising. There is room for a whole-body workout such as boxing. The rest of the area can be used for stretching, yoga, squats, or group exercises. This makes a nice workout space and enough room for your neighbors and friends to join.

12 x 12 Exercise Shed Layout

If you don’t have room for a larger building, a 12’ X 12’ exercise shed also gives enough space for a full workout. Included above is equipment for weight lifting as well as the cardio pieces. You would still have room for a punching bag or an open area for yoga or stretching. This makes an ideal spot for your home exercise shed. 

8 x 10 Exercise Shed Layout

Maybe you prefer a bare-bones workout shed like this 8’ X 10’ layout. There is enough space for the essential workout equipment. The scaled layout above shows a treadmill and exercise bike, but it could be switched out for a weight bench if you prefer lifting. With some speakers and your favorite equipment, this option can make a cozy home exercise shed.

If you need more creative ideas on how to make your exercise shed your own, read our article “Garage Gym Ideas-12 Bright Ideas To Create The Perfect Home Gym.”

What Exercise Gym Shed Style Is The Best?

At Gold Star Buildings, we offer multiple styles of building that can be used as an exercise shed. Every one of our sheds is well-designed and built with quality materials. Although every single one can be used for a home exercise shed, some are better suited because of their layout.  Below is a breakdown of three of our shed options and the benefits each one offers. Discover which works best for you and your workout style, or use our 3D Builder to design your own! 

Lofted Barn Style

Our lofted barn shed is a great option for a personal workout shed, especially for those who need a taller roof for certain exercises. It is built with a barn-style roof, giving a more open feel for your workout space or extra room for storage. Additionally, the barn-style design gives your backyard a rustic charm unmatched by other buildings. This option is convenient for anyone who power lifts, squats, or needs extra storage. Create a personal gym with the extra space that you need! Check out our selection of lofted barn sheds or our very similar lofted garden sheds.

Garden Shed Style

The garden shed style is an excellent pick for your exercise needs. This is the best option if you are looking for a larger space. The 12’ and 14’ wide buildings have 8’ walls, providing lots of headroom. This is especially convenient for those with tall equipment, running on a treadmill, or doing any exercises that require higher ceilings. The design helps you create an exercise shed that uses your space efficiently. Discover the charm of our garden sheds or our very similar utility sheds

Cottage Shed Style

The cottage shed is a favorite among metal and wooden sheds in our collection. Featuring a “salt-box” roof, this building has a unique look that sets it apart from other sheds. This quaint structure will make your backyard look stylish and provide a space for your treadmill and weight set.  If you are looking for a smaller space, this is the best option. Make your exercise shed stand out from the crowd with this creative structure. Explore and learn more about the cottage shed, or take a look at the shed inventory that Gold Star Buildings has available. 

We know that exercise is essential! We also know that it is important to have an attractive place to work out. You deserve a home exercise shed that is convenient, safe, and affordable. 

The journey of owning a home exercise shed starts with a click! Start the hassle-free process by requesting a free quote. We have something to meet your exercise needs, no matter what your preferences may be. Start today to make your dreams come alive!

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