Garage Space for Rent At Your Home

garage space for rent at your home

Are you looking for garage space for rent to store your stuff? Maybe you have a classic car, motorcycle, ATV, or other vehicles that you need to get out of the weather and protect from the sun.

There’s a good chance that if you’ve already checked into building a prefab garage on your property, you might think it looks like a mountain too big to climb. (By the way, exactly what are prefab garages?) Building a garage requires a significant financial investment. For many of us, we don’t have that amount of money laying around.

You might decide to take the route of saving enough money until you can pay for a new garage outright. This is the best route financially and will cost you the least in the long run. But what if you’re in a situation where you need extra storage right away but don’t have the cash?

One option would be to go to the local storage unit facility and rent garage space. But there are several drawbacks to this approach.

  1. A rental storage unit is not located at your home. You’ll need to drive to the unit each time you want to access it.
  2. You’ll never own the unit that you’re renting. You could pay your rent faithfully for 20 years and in the end you won’t have anything to show for it.

Another storage solution that you might consider is a rent-to-own shed at your home. This solution has several advantages.

  1. You can access your stuff conveniently without driving to the storage unit. Just step outside your house and you’ve arrived!
  2. Your rental payments will only last for the length of the contract. When the contract ends, the garage will be yours to keep rent free! You may decide to eventually sell the building and get some of your investment back out of it.
  3. Many rent to own plans will place a storage garage or portable garden shed in your backyard for only the first month’s rent and taxes. So getting started is doable for many people.
  4. If at any point you decide you don’t want the building before your contract has ended, simply notify the rental company. They’ll pick up the building and you won’t owe any more money if the building is still in decent shape.
  5. Customize your building to suit your needs. You can build shelves or even use it as a shed for business or living area.

So if you have a relatively flat area at your home that’s large enough for a garage, getting your own rent-to-own garage is definitely a smarter choice when compared to renting a storage unit at another location. For more information, check out our entire article about how rent-to-own sheds and garages work.

Limiting Factors for Getting Garage Space at Home

There are several factors that may limit your ability to place a garage on your property. If you’re currently renting your property you’ll need to check with your landlord to get permission. The nice thing about a wooden portable building is that it can be removed from the property if you ever decide to move. Just keep in mind that moving a large wooden garage isn’t cheap, so be sure to check into the cost of that if you think you’ll need to move it before your rental contract has ended.

Tip: You could check with the original company that you purchased the garage from about moving the building. They would most likely give you a reasonable rate since you purchased from them in the past.

You’ll need to check with your township about applying for a permit before you decide to order your garage. There may be minimum setback requirements and other buildings codes that will apply to your situation. If township setback requirements are a problem, you may be able to draft a maintenance easement in cooperation with your land-joining neighbor and have the setback requirement waived.

For more information on limiting factors for getting garage space at home, read our blog post on how to prepare for the delivery of your wooden storage building.

Other Considerations


Storage units are undeniably one of the more secure places to store your stuff. Many units have camera systems that keep a watchful eye over the premises. However, a rent-to-own garage can also reach a high level of security. The best metal sheds and wooden garages have high-quality locking door handles. You can also purchase inexpensive camera systems that detect movement and alert you when suspicious movement occurs. This option might be a great choice for valuable antique car storage. If security is a big concern you could purchase your garage without windows and install aftermarket padlocks on the doors.

Climate Control

Some storage companies offer climate-controlled units. Climate conditions in the storage unit may be a concern to you if you’re storing temperature and humidity-sensitive items. You could go the route of insulating your garage and running electricity to power an air-conditioner and heater. At the very least, you could check with your builder to see if they offer tech-shield roof sheathing and ventilation options. These options will keep your garage cooler in hot weather.

Cost Comparison

The average cost of renting a basic 10×20 storage unit in the U.S. is around $180 per month. This does not include climate control features. A portable rent-to-own garage can be rented for 5 years starting at around $170 per month. After 5 years of payments, the garage is yours to keep rent-free. (Note: these prices are estimates only. Check with your local garage builder for rent-to-own pricing)

In summary, here are the advantages and hurdles to getting your own rent-to-own-garage.


  1. Convenient access to your belongings at your home
  2. Take ownership of the building after successfully completing your rental contract
  3. Save money in the long run when compared to renting a storage unit
  4. Get started with only the first month’s rent and taxes
  5. Easily terminate the contract at any time
  6. Customize your garage to your heart’s content

When compared with renting a storage unit in town, a rent-to-own garage is definitely the way to go if you can overcome the hurdles listed below.


  1. A relatively flat area that is large enough to place your garage
  2. Getting your landlord’s permission (if you rent your property)
  3. Permission from your township to have the garage installed
  4. A space to put the garage that meets minimum setback requirements
  5. The ability to pay the first month’s rent (and any taxes or fees required by the rent-to-own-company)

Does That Help?

Maybe you’re still confused about what it takes to get your own rent-to-own garage or if this is even a good option for you. The office staff at Gold Star Buildings in Western PA would be happy to help you by answering your questions. They may even be able to help you determine if your township will allow you to place the garage in the desired location. Get in touch with Gold Star Buildings by filling out the contact form or by calling (724) 253-2771.

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