How to Prepare for the Delivery of Your Wooden Storage Building

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You’re excited about the big day when your new wooden storage building will arrive. After making all of the difficult decisions related to choosing a size, colors, and added options that you’ll find useful, now it’s time to prepare for the big day when your portable garden shed is installed and you can move in.

Will Your Township Permit Your Wooden Storage Building?

Before you finalize the building order with your shed company, you should check with your township to make sure they’ll allow you to place the woodshed where you would like to place it. Some townships will require a permit and some will not. Check your township’s website or give them a call to find out what the requirements are for installing wood storage shed.

Some townships may require minimum setbacks from your neighbor’s property. If the setback requirements create a problem for you, you may be able to reach an agreement with your neighbor to have the requirement waived. The agreement with your neighbor will need to be recorded in the form of an easement that will need to be presented to your township and recorded on you and your neighbor’s property titles. Click here for more information on creating a property easement.

Your township may also have height restrictions for outbuildings or buildings codes that need to be followed. Wooden Storage Buildings that are installed in hurricane-prone areas may need to be anchored to the ground and built with structural reinforcements. In addition, you may need to limit the size of your building or have it installed on a stone pad to help control water runoff from the roof. Your township’s building code and zoning official should be able to answer all of these questions.

After you’ve cleared the installation of your WOODEN STORAGE BUILDING with your township, you’re ready to place your order and make a deposit on the building of your choice.

Wooden Storage Building Site Preparation

Many builders have a lead time of 2-4 weeks from the time that your order is placed to when it’s ready for delivery. That gives you time to prepare the site for your new wooden storage building.

After placing your order you should immediately make plans to prepare the site for your new backyard shed. The best storage shed or portable garage foundation is a level pad constructed using ¾” crushed stone. The crushed stone allows water to quickly flow away from the underside of the building, keeping it dryer and allowing it to breathe. Another wooden storage building foundation option is a poured concrete slab. Some builders may allow you to have the shed leveled on concrete blocks, although this is not recommended in most cases.

You may be able to find a local contractor to build your pad for you. Or if you choose to do it yourself, check out our blog post on building a shed base for your shed.

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wooden storage building shed pad gravel
A Gravel Pad: The Best Foundation for Your Wooden Storage Building

A Few Days Before Delivery…

Your storage shed company will contact you at least a few days prior to delivery to let you know when your wooden storage building will arrive.

If you think that you may need to enter your neighbor’s property in order to get your storage shed in place, be sure to ask permission from your neighbor before the big day arrives.

At least 1-3 days prior to your scheduled delivery, you should check to make sure there are no obstacles in the delivery path for your wooden storage building. Beginning at the road, walk down the path that you expect your new storage building to travel and remove any obstacles that may keep your wooden storage building from traveling safely to its new home. This may include tree branches, fence posts, lawn ornaments, picnic tables, etc. Be prepared to warn your delivery expert about any low-hanging wires or potential obstacles that can’t be removed.

Tip: If it is impossible to enter your backyard with the building size that you need, you can ask your storage shed builder about build-on-site options.

On the Day of Delivery…

On the day of delivery, your delivery specialist may or may not ask you to be present. If you cannot be there for delivery, you’ll want to make it very clear where your new wooden storage building should be placed. You could assign someone to be there in your place, or you could use marks on the ground to indicate the spot if you don’t have a shed pad.

If you plan to be there for delivery you’ll want to have your video camera handy! The delivery process for wood storage sheds is pretty amazing if you haven’t seen it before and a little footage and a few photos will make great material to share with your family and friends.

You may want to indicate a path of delivery if your yard has soft spots or an underground septic system. This will help to prevent lawn damage during delivery. Your builder will do what is reasonably possible to prevent damage and may not be responsible for damage that occurs. If you’re concerned about your yard being too soft from heavy rain or melting snow, talk to your builder about yard-saving measures or equipment that can be used to reduce lawn damage.

Be aware that if you have a dog fence that is lying just under the surface, it may be disturbed by the heavy delivery equipment used for shed delivery (especially if the ground is soft). You can take precautionary measures by placing a 4’ long piece of 2×8 or something similar under the wheels before they go over the buried fence wire.

Your shed builder may ask for a payment on the day of delivery. If you can’t be there, you could arrange to leave it in a safe place for the driver to pick up after delivery.

What happens if inclement weather is forecasted on the day of delivery? In most cases, the delivery of your wooden portable building will continue as planned. Extreme weather such as flooding or winter weather that includes snow may prevent delivery from happening. Be aware that if you order your wooden storage building in late fall or winter, you may need to wait for the snow to melt before your building is delivered.

Wooden Storage Building Delivery in Progress

wooden storage building delivery in yard
Moving the Wooden Storage Building into Place

wooden storage buildings delivery
Removing the Wooden Storage Building From the Trailer

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