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Make Your Dream Comes True in Your Studio Shed

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Are you looking for a space to use your talents? They could be things such as drawing, playing musical instruments, improving your skills in sports, or writing stories that can help people for years to come. If so, let’s jump right into the following Best Uses of Studio Sheds, and you can find out the one that best works for your need.

Art studio shed

An Art Studio Shed gives you the perfect workspace to discover your creative side. It is commonly used as a space where you can reflect, display, practice, store, and make your art while staying in your home.

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There are many shed styles out there to use as an art studio shed, but some of the most popular sheds are Garden Shed, Cottage Shed, and Lofted Barn. These sheds are customizable, adjustable, and the most economical. The ideal sizes for an Art Studio shed are 8’x10′, 10’x10′, and 10’x12′. Whether you buy your shed or build it, it needs to be transformed into your ideal art studio shed. For additional ideas to finish the interior, watch this video.

Recording Studio Shed

We all need a place to play. A Recording Studio Shed offers plenty of space a few feet away from your home where you can do sound recording, audio production, spoken works, and more. It is cost-effective and efficient. The ideal styles for a Recording Studio Shed are A-Frame Shed, Lofted Garden Shed, and Saltbox (also known as Cottage Shed). An A-Frame Shed offers a classic and modern look to your yard and works well for music studio transformation. If you are wondering what size of a shed is the best for a Recording Studio, the answer would be a variety. It depends on your needs and the essential instruments you would like to have. The typical ideal size of a music studio shed is 10’x12′.

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Note: Check with local shed builders in your area, or visit Gold Star Buildings if you live in PA and OH to get the best deal on price and style, and exceptional customization.

Gym Studio shed

Do you want to stay in good shape and healthy, but you don’t have time to go to the local gym? A Gym Studio shed is a perfect solution for you. It offers an affordable workspace where you can refresh your soul, keep your body healthy, and get rid of the extra weight you have. You don’t have to worry about gym fees and commute expenses. The ideal sizes for a gym studio shed are between 8×10 to 10×16. Design it to meet your needs for the perfect workout area. Add extra windows for natural light and an overhead skylight for fresh air on warm days. It is recommended to reach out to your local shed builders to find out about price range, style, and customization. If you are looking for a shed in PA or OH, visit Gold Star Building or give us a call at (724)-253-2771 for quality and affordable sheds.

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Photography Studio Shed

Are you ready to set up a home photography studio? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to browse our photography studio shed options. Photography studio sheds offer freedom to change and edit backgrounds and allow you to create photo content anytime when you need it. It also saves the money you would spend on renting a studio elsewhere and daily transportation expenses. Figuring out what pieces of equipment you will use in your photography studio helps to determine the style and size of the shed. If you are not sure what type of shed building to purchase or build, contact local shed builders to understand the difference between types of portable buildings and their pros and cons. The ideal styles for a photography studio are Garden Shed, Lofted barn, Garage Shed, Cottage Shed, or Lofted Garden Shed.

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If you are looking for a shed building in PA or OH, visit GoldStar Buildings or give us a ring at (724)-253-2771. We will be happy to help you out with your dream photography studio shed project. 

Watch Anne’s Photography studio video to get some ideas for your project.

Homeschool Studio Shed

There are a lot of different reasons to homeschool your kids. No matter what the reason is for you, you will need a space where you can help your child get work done. A home school studio shed can function perfectly as your own mini-school. You can set up desks, tables, and chairs in this space to help create the perfect learning center for your child. 

Determining the size of your home school shed centers around how many kids you need to teach! If you have 1-2 children, a simple 10’x12′ shed will be the perfect space. If you have 3-5 kids, you are going to want a bigger studio shed. Why not try a 12’x16′ homeschool studio shed? Contact us to find out more about customizing yours!

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Kitchen Studio Shed

When adding an addition to your home isn’t currently an option, a studio shed can help give you exactly the space you need. With a studio shed, you can create the kitchen space you’ve always wanted. Now you can put in your own countertops, oven, microwave, windows, and more! 

Have your studio shed outfitted with plumbing and electricity to make sure you always have exactly what you need in your brand-new kitchen!

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Office Studio Shed

One of the most common ways to use a studio shed today is by converting it into an office. This is a space where you can truly be creative and make your own. What do you want in a place where you go to work every day? Maybe you want plant life. Maybe excess natural light is what is best for you. Regardless, a finished studio shed can easily transform into the perfect site to run your small business. 

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Starting Your Studio Shed Project

We wish you all the best for your studio shed project! We hope this article helps you to start your project. 

Having a convenient workspace for your work is so worth it, and once you have conquered this goal, you will never look back!

If you live in western Pennsylvania or Eastern Ohio, get started by requesting a free quote or you can browse our current inventory page to find one that meets your needs. If you can’t afford to pay for your shed upfront, don’t worry, check out our Rent-to-Own plans! Not sure what Rent-to-Own is? Visit our Rent-to-Own blog for more information!

If you have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you!


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