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small backyard sheds

Do you need an extra storage space to keep your stuff? One of the easiest ways to store your items is with a small backyard shed. If you are thinking about entering that market, then you need to consider several important things before making your shed purchase. Common factors include:

  • Cost
  • Size
  • Style 
  • + Features

Knowing more details about small backyard sheds will help you make the best purchase decision. In this article, we walk you through all the ins and outs to consider about small backyard sheds.

How to build a small backyard shed

  1. The first thing you will find is that getting a building permit is recommended before you begin building your small backyard shed. It depends on the local building regulations and codes in your area. Make sure you check with your locality to understand the rules for your site. 
  1. Next, you need to level the ground if necessary and install a shed foundation to support your small backyard shed. Build your foundation before you start building the base of the shed.
  1. Then, you would need a step-by-step DIY guide on how to build a small backyard shed. It would include materials, cutting measurements, and assembly instructions. You will need to follow the guide fairly closely to build your backyard shed. You can watch this video to get more information about creating a backyard shed. 

What can I use a small backyard shed for?

A Small backyard shed is not only used for storage purposes. It can be used for hundreds of different purposes. Here are some common uses to get started.

  • Tool sheds – This structure keeps your tools dry and safe. They could be things like air compressors, clamps, workbenches, screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, measuring tools, and power tools. You can read top tool shed storage tips here.
  • Storage for firewood – A small backyard storage shed can be used to keep your firewood dry and ready to burn in any weather condition. You can store plenty of firewood that can last all winter!
  • Lawn equipment storage/garden sheds – This prefab shed stores lawn and garden equipment that you use often. And it helps keep your garage clean of all the other smelly, oily, and dirty equipment. You can read more about garden sheds here.
  • Trash sheds – This shed is commonly used for your trash bags and improves the appearance of your property. Also, it can be a perfect place to keep your garden cleanup tools.
  • Pet sheds – A kennel or pet shed makes a great outdoor shelter for pets like dogs, bunnies, cats, + more!
  • Greenhouses – These buildings are good for sustaining plants and flowers in cold weather. It also gives you an excellent start to kick off the growing season. Check out this blog to learn more about greenhouses.
small backyard sheds

What is the smallest backyard shed size?

The smallest backyard shed size is 4×6. If you only have a small garden or backyard, a 4×6 backyard shed offers just enough space for your belongings to fit. You will not be able to fit many items in a 4×6 backyard shed.
At Gold Star Buildings, we offer small backyard sheds with classic, barn-style roofs. We also provide the lowest cost and build with high-quality materials. Many of our customers choose small backyard sheds for their storage needs. Our small backyard shed size starts from an 8’x8′ building. It is easy to customize to fit your specific needs

small backyard shed in pa

Average small backyard shed sizes

An average backyard shed is in sizes like 8×10, 8×12, 8×14, or 8×16. These sheds offer your garden valuable storage space that can be used to store gardening tools and equipment. They also make for an ideal workshop.

8×10 small backyard shed

An 8×10 shed is ideal for a small backyard space. It adds a different look to your backyard and offers about 80 square foot storage space that will be enough to keep most of your belongings inside. If you compare it with other small backyard shed sizes, the 8×10 shed is affordable for anyone looking for storage space. 

small backyard shed

8×12 small backyard shed

An 8×12 shed is perfect for a man cave. Now you have a space where you can store your stuff and have enough space to spend your time. This shed offers about 96 square foot storage space to use. Whether it’s for storage space, a man cave, or a work area…you will easily be able to customize it to fit your needs.

8x12 small storage shed

8×14 small backyard shed

Buying an 8×14 small backyard shed benefits you and your family members by storing garden supplies, power tools, kids’ toys, home decorations, + more. It generally comes with one window, and you can easily add a second. That way, you can use this shed for things that require ample lighting…like an art studio! It also offers about 112 square feet of space.

backyard shed

Do you need a foundation for a small backyard shed?

You don’t need a foundation for a small backyard shed. However, it is suggested that installing sheds on a foundation helps the structure stay dry and ventilated. A small backyard shed can be installed on a block, gravel, or concrete foundation. Local townships’ building regulations could also require it. On the other hand, it really helps you keep your small backyard shed in good condition for long periods of time.

small backyard shed foundation
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How much does it cost to build a small backyard shed?

The average cost to build a small backyard shed starts from $1200 up to $4000 or $25 to $105 per square foot. It depends on what size shed you would plan to build. In addition, there are some other factors that you should consider when planning to build your own small backyard shed. 

  • Labor – It depends on whether you’re building your shed as a hobby project or as a regular wage-earning activity. It will require about 15-45 hours to make a small backyard shed. It will often take about twice as long as you plan.
  • Skill – It’s also important to be familiar with building skills…at least at a beginner’s level. Otherwise, you could easily waste your building materials by cutting or misusing them.
  • Tools – you will need at least the following tools to make the building process as easy as possible.
    • Circular saw
    • Clamps
    • Cordless drill
    • Drill bit set
    • Hammer
    • Safety Goggle
    • Jigsaw
    • Level
    • Tape measure
small backyard shed cost in PA and OH

Small Backyard Shed ideas

  • Office shed – Get all of your work done in your own quiet office space. Office sheds have been on the rise, and continue to be a popular way to work from home. 
  • Garden shed – A garden shed can house everything you need to successfully grow your plants. You can place soil, tools, gloves, or empty potters inside!
  • Greenhouse – A greenhouse shed is a structure that you can outfit to grow all year round! Ask us how!
  • Man Cave – A space for the guys is the perfect place to play games and watch TV. Decorate yours with things from your favorite team or movie!
  • Pool house – A pool house can function as a few different things. It could be a changing space, guest house, or even a simple storage area for your pool supplies
  • Art Studio – A small backyard shed with natural light will give you the best setup for a home art studio. Get back to painting and drawing in your new structure!

You can read this blog to discover the top 10 backyards shed ideas, tips, and more.

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Small Backyard Shed features

In today’s market, not all small backyard sheds are built the same. Therefore, it is essential to research your options on sheds before making your purchase. We want to help you know some of the features that make using your small backyard shed easier. At Gold Star Buildings, we offer the following shed standard features:

  • Pressure-treated skids and joists to resist moisture and rot from the ground
  • Your choice of Siding – pressure-treated 5/8″ wood siding, LP SmartSide, or metal with a 40-year warranty on all backyard sheds.
  • Your choice of roofing – shingles or metal
  • Heavy-duty flooring to support your belongings – 5/8″ comes standard on all small backyard sheds, and 3/4″ is available.
  • Heavy-duty doors – a 4′ door on 8′ wide backyard sheds; a 6′ double door on small backyard sheds 10′, 12′, or 14′ wide.
  • A locking door latch – for extra security
  • Sidewalls are 6’ 3” on 8’ and 10’ wide buildings

If you have questions about sheds, give us a ring at (724) 253-2771 or submit the free quote form below, and one of our staff members will be in touch with you soon.

Small Backyard Shed features

Small backyard sheds for sale

If you are looking for a small backyard, shed for sale. Then reach out to a local shed builder to get one that meets your needs. You can contact us if you live in PA or OH. We build a variety of prebuilt backyard sheds in our building lot.  Or you can submit a Free Quote form for custom sheds, cabins, garages, barns.

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