2 Car Garage Dimensions: Common Modular Garage Sizes

2 car garage dimensions modular garage

Two-car modular garages come in a wide range of sizes, anywhere from the compact 20×20 to the massive 32×48. (Note: not all builders offer all sizes. Check with your local builder for available sizes). How do you begin to figure out which modular garage size will best meet your needs? (Also, exactly what are modular garages?)

Figuring out your 2 car garage dimensions is important because after your garage is built it cannot easily be changed. Adequate space (or the lack of space) will have a significant impact on your level of satisfaction with your two-car garage. If you only have one vehicle, read this article on “Single Car Garage Sizes” for garages specifically for one car.

Common 2 Car Garage Dimensions

Two-car modular garages come in a wide range of sizes. The size that you end up choosing depends largely on the size of your property and the amount of stuff that you wish to store in addition to your vehicles.

2 Car Garage Dimensions: Width

common width of a modular garage is 24’ to 28’ wide. That width gives you a comfortable space to park your car and still get out without banging your car door on the wall. A 20’ wide 2 car garage can work but you’ll begin to notice that your space is restricted when getting in and out of your car. If you get much wider than 28’ then you run into restrictions and extra expenses for shipping. That makes 24’ and 28’ wide an ideal width for a two-car modular garage.

2 Car Garage Dimensions: Length

common length is anywhere from 20’ to 40’. Once again, if you’re building is much shorter than 20’ you begin to feel the size restrictions when it’s time to park your car in the garage. And if you go much longer than 40’ the builder will begin to have the size and weight challenges associated with moving the building around. You may also incur extra fees when it’s time to make the delivery.

2 Car Garage Dimensions: Wall Height

common wall height in a two-car garage is 8 feet. An overhead clearance of 8’ gives the interior of the garage a nice feel that is not too cramped. You may be able to go higher in some cases, however, you’ll soon begin to run into height restrictions for delivery if you’re planning on buying a modular 2 car garage. Shippers of modular garages need to keep the height of the building on the trailer under about 13’ 6” to be able to pass under bridges and overpasses. So if you want a wall height that is much higher than 8’ when it comes to your 2 car garage dimensions, you’ll probably need to go with a prefab or stick-built garage rather than a modular garage.

Standard 2 Car Garage Sizes

A standard 2-car garage often measures from 24×24 (576 sq. ft.) to 24×30 (720 sq. ft.). While these may be more common sizes, the best size for you depends on the size of vehicles you wish to store and how much extra storage space you want besides vehicle storage.

A 20×20 two-car garage is sufficiently large enough to park two vehicles, but you won’t have much extra room for storage. If you’re thinking about building a two-car garage anyway, you can maximize your investment by including storage in the same building rather than building a separate wooden portable building later on.

Here are two common two-car garage sizes and illustrations to help you picture how much storage space you might have left after parking your cars in the garage.

2 car garage dimensions 24x24 garage
24×24 Modular Garage

If you’re looking for a workshop or storage in addition to parking space, a 28×40 modular two-car garage is a good size for you. You’ll be able to park your cars and have plenty of room left over for storage or pursuing your hobbies.

2 car garage dimensions 28x40 modular garage
28×40 Modular Garage

Take a Minute to Do It Right

Before you place your order for your two-car modular garage, take some time to figure out how much additional storage or workspace you need. Research the important features of metal storage sheds and wooden garages (we build both) and make sure the building you end up with is a high-quality one. A two-car garage can be a very versatile building and a great investment. Taking some time to plan for your garage will help to ensure that you’re not disappointed with the end result.

Are you wondering what a garage will cost? See our posts on modular garage prices and garage space for rent.

After your garage is ordered, be sure to read our blog post on preparing for the delivery of your wooden storage building.

Stick Built, Prefab, and Modular Garages

Two-car garages are built using several different methods. The method that is best suited for your two-car garage depends largely on the garage size that you’re looking for.

“Stick-Built” 2 Car Garages

The first method is the “stick-built” method. “Stick-built” is the term used to describe the garage that is completely built on-site from the ground up. Walls, rafters, and all other parts are assembled and erected on site. Builders use this method for homes and garages that are too large and complex to be delivered on the back of a truck.

2 car garage dimensions stick built garage
Stick Built Garage

Prefab 2 Car Garages

Another method is the prefab method. Using the prefab method, walls and trusses are “prefabricated” at a factory and then delivered to the building site. A lift or crane is used on the building site to set the walls and trusses in place. This method is preferred because of the increased efficiency that comes with assembling parts of the garage in a factory rather than on-site.

The prefab method can be used for a wide range of garage sizes and is ideal for garages with more than one story (or if you plan to use full-width engineered trusses). It is also ideal if you would like to get rid of any interior load-bearing walls.

2 car garage dimensions prefab garage
Prefab Garage

Photo credit: MB Construction

Modular 2 Car Garages

A third garage construction method is the modular method. A modular garage is a garage shed that is built in two pieces or halves, delivered to the site, and then assembled to form a single building. It will often have a center load-bearing wall with a beam to support the roof.

common 2 car garage dimensions bearing wall

The modular garage method is one of the most cost-effective methods, but it is only possible for garages that are no larger than around 32’ wide and 48’ long. Walls can also not be higher than around 8’ due to height restrictions when traveling under underpasses on roads and highways.

A modular garage may be the best choice for you if:

  • You’re looking for the most cost-effective garage solution
  • You don’t need a garage with a second story
  • You’re not storing very large vehicles like a box truck or RV
  • Your garage size doesn’t need to be larger than 32′ x 48′
2 car garage dimensions modular garage installation
Modular Garage

Photo credit: Esh Vinyl Buildings

Two Story Garages

Two-car garages can also have more than one story. Two-story garages are a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a garage with storage, work, or living space overhead. Two-story garages are usually stick-built or prefab because of height and weight restrictions for delivery.

Many garages only have one story. Single story, two-car garages can often be built and delivered as modular garages. They are a cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to expand their parking and storage space.

After your garage is ordered, be sure to read our blog post on preparing for the delivery of your wooden storage building. If you’d like to learn more, check out our comprehensive article on prefab garages.

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