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She Shed

she sheds in pa

Are you longing for a space of your own? If you need space to relax, pursue your hobbies, or run a small side business, a she shed could be just the building you’re looking for. Our she sheds come in a wide range of sizes, from 8x8 to 12x32. So whether you need a she shed to store your garden tools or work on your projects, we’ve got you covered.

We offer several different shed styles that would be ideal for she sheds. We have the garden shed and the lofted garden shed. Both of these would look good in your backyard and make an ideal she shed. We also have the cottage shed in addition to several other styles. You’ll probably want windows in your she shed, so if the style you’re ordering doesn’t already have windows you may want to add some when placing your order.

Standard Building Features for She Sheds

heavy duty she sheds

Pressure-treated Skids

Our she sheds are built with high-quality pressure-treated skids and joists to protect from moisture entering and prevent rotting from the ground.

wooden she sheds

Thick Plywood Siding

We build our she sheds with premium-grade real plywood siding. Our ⅝” thick siding is over 60% thicker than some of the competing siding products around.

she shed flooring

Heavy-duty Flooring

Our floors come standard with ⅝” pressure-treated plywood. We do have an optional ¾” plywood flooring that comes standard on our prefab garages.

5 Benefits of Owning Your Personal She Shed

  1. You can use a she shed to create your own private space to do any activities you enjoy including crafts, sewing, designing, and more.
  2. A she shed provides a small space for you to work on hobbies without any distractions.
  3. You can start your small business directly out of a she shed!
  4. Not only can you use the she shed for work but also for entertainment. Furnish your she shed to be comfortable and entertaining!
  5. You can transform your she shed into a gardening headquarters full of plant life.

6 She Shed Styles

The Barn She Shed

The barn-style shed offers a mini barn built with a classic barn roof style and our lowest cost-per-square-foot option for she sheds. That being said, this mini barn shed is still constructed with the same materials as the other building styles however does not have as many options as the others. If you are looking for the most affordable option for your she shed, then this mini barn style she shed may be for you.

lofted barn she sheds

The Lofted Barn She Shed

The lofted barn shed is a step above the mini barn shed because of the lofted overhead space. Like the standard barn shed, this lofted barn comes with a classic barn-style roof as well. For whatever you plan on using your she shed for, the lofted barn shed is sure to provide you with sufficient space both underhead and overhead.

garden she sheds in pa

The Lofted Garden She Shed

Another popular barn shed is the lofted garden shed. This shed provides the same specs as the Lofted Barn shed; however, it includes the doors on the sidewall providing a more traditional building look than a standard shed. According to some, the lofted barn is the most attractive shed in our selection. This shed is another great option for anyone looking to purchase a she shed because of the look and space it has to offer. Learn more about this building below.

wooden utility she sheds

The Utility She Shed

The utility shed is a standard A-Frame roof shed designed to allow higher walls without adding an overhead loft. This type of building is not typical for she sheds; however, it is an affordable option for anyone looking for a small portable space for themselves. The utility shed sizes range from 8x8 to 14x32, so creating ample space is no problem!

small garden she sheds

The Garden She Sheds

The garden shed is like the utility shed except for the doors and windows being on the sidewall of the building. The garden shed is an excellent solution for any woman looking for a traditional A-Frame building for crafting/studio/sewing/anything shed.

saltbox she sheds

The Cottage She Sheds

The cottage shed is our sixth and final shed design that can qualify as a “she shed.” This shed design can be built with either metal or wooden siding and features a unique “salt-box” roof design to create an aesthetically pleasing look. You can create your own she shed space using this shed with sizes ranging from 8x12 up to 12x32!

Get Started on Your New She Shed Today

Getting started on your she shed project has never been easier. If you are ready to get started right now, please request a free quote today. We have rent-to-own options available as well for those who are looking to pay with monthly installments. We hope to speak with you about creating your new she shed space! Give us a call today at (724) 253-2771 to talk to us about your custom building space.

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